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Introduction to Mr Trapanrot plus Making Mr Triggles Little Shed ___Presented by Beano Boy

Before i Begin
Please meet this little Fellow,for i believe there be many a fluffy toy like him. He the bright eyed thinker that he is lives in an old Tea Tin,and often likes to watch the life going on in and around the Sitting Room. Bella and Keats, our two dogs wander in and  out at their leisurely pace,and often sleep a snooze of forty winks when ever they choose. Keeping the place tidy but looking lived in Mrs B, often busy`s herself  dusting and polishing,while little o`l me,sits a sitting  typing away at this, that and the other. The clicking of the keyboard  i think is like music to his large fluffed up ears.    Well most certainly he being what he is,has never voiced complaint against such going`s on as clicking letters forming rapidly tiny black words.                                                                                                                         

 He being found without arms ,hands,legs, feet  and toes to wriggle,and with him having no body at all,i named him Mr  Trapanrot! The Tea Tin he fits snug into sits upon a polished shelf along side tiny bottles and earthen-ware jugs,and he is much better off being here with all of us,than being thrown away, which was his lot,and his condition when Mrs B found him. Often upon dog walks she often finds thrown away toy items,and after being washed and having been cleaned up ,into the large toy box they normally go. However not of course Mr Trapanrot he being far to special to be shut away shining in the darkness with all the other Grand Kiddies play things.

                                                 Making Mr Triggles Little Shed

Mr & Mrs Triggles  actually lived at Hillcrest Cottage over a long period of troubled times. The first story of their life in modern times i wrote well over a year ago and set it square pegged into the year 1940.

                                      All Made by Paper Picture Framing Card

                                          All the pieces were cut and scribed with a pen

The center line was scoured with a sharp pointed craft knife, part way through the card,and after bending it carefully and easily the roof was all ready for gluing up into its angled shape. Square right angle lines ran across the inside and these marked the sticking points.


There was no great need to scribe out the inner side of the roof,but i penned lightly a few quick lines as an illustration only. The angled shapes reinforced the roof and set in place the apex of this little old shed.

It was then ready for fixing by way of PVA Glue to the bottom half which had been cut out scribed and constructed as a most square sound box.

                                            Below the front with boarded shut window.

                                    All glued up and when it dried it was painting time.

                                          Below the back with its window left wide open.

                              The glue made a strong box with its lid fixed tight and most certainly right.

                 There`s Mr Triggles,he was well pleased with the  scratchbuild. It being tough and rugged                     but most importantly very affordable cheap.

The whole thing including inside was painted with S Matt Enamel Paint. This made the paper far tougher than any off the peg bought plastic. It was at this point that my old reliable spoon eased down upon gently helped formed the dips that i wanted in the roof. A sagging roof of old age. 

                  A small base representing concrete was cut to shape and painted.

                                                        Later all was dry brushed

                  It only took about and hour to do all the work on this simple box build.

Here is Hillcrest Cottage sitting contently  on its base ,with the little shed fitted snugly into place.
The garden still needs work that`s for sure. However i`ll need a hedge surrounding this tiny garden.Follow along and i`ll show how i will make it

                                                  Very cheap from the Pound Shop

                                               The washing up end was peeled off.

A sponge was cut in two,and using tweezers i plucked away at it. This will show shadows after painting giving a good contrasting look to the hedge. One could used the sponge as it is smooth for a look of a well clipped tidy hedge.

                          Now i need corners to my hedge and so wire comes into play.

Wire was pushed into one end of the sponge and right through the entire length coming out of the other end. .

The corner of this part of the hedge is easily formed using this method and  simple bent angle to each end of the wire will keep it tucked ino place.

              Far below there`s Sam the Barge Man, who`s been eyeing up the work.        

Painted with emulsion paint it was left to dry. It will be stuck into place after the garden is finished.
It is important  to note that the sponge needs no soaking in paint,because it will take days if not weeks to dry out. All that`s required is applying the paint by brush.
 There`s Sam , again.
As he goes upon his way i`ll take my leave. Thanks for visiting. There will always be a warm welcome here any time you wish to drop in.  BB


  1. Creative and very very nice BB!

    1. Hi Phil,throughout all my days thus far i rode upon a broad highway and graduated from the University of Life and Dreams. Oddly enough those creative dreams carry along in most of us, but perhaps feeling foolish many never dare to reveal them. Thanks for the nice comment. BB

  2. Great tutorials of the shed and hedge! Thanks for sharing Paul!


    1. Thank you Peter. it`s always a pleasure to share such things.
      If one can draw a line with a pen and ruler,and cut out using a craft knife,and stick two parts together. Then one can become a scratch builder.It is as simple as that. BB

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    1. Hi John,Thanks Buddy.It`s real nice of you to visit. BB