Saturday, 16 April 2016

Just Old Bones by Beano Boy

i call them Bones,and about 30 of these off the peg things came in a job lot i had bought on
E Bay a year or so ago. Well it was the other rare toy figures that i was interested in. However i hate waste even though having no real interest in them,but as things turned out i converted them by cutting and burning the arms into other flaming positions.

The Archers interested me most because i saw many a converted pose possible and so set to stringing the wire through the base. Of course the wire went through the base next to the foot and was wound around a small stone and finally  fixed in place with Super Glue.

The Bones seem quite white,but_______

hopefully as they now rattle upon the wind ,colour wise that is,they look better in this final scene. I moved arms,and made helmets with Green Stuff,and added P V A Glue onto them, the shields and swords then poured kiln dried sand onto them. i wanted to create corrosion  caused by two or more metals reacting with one another over a long period. i guess it is the Engineer still deeply inbedded within me Noggin that has to dream up such things.                                                                          

At the time of painting these old bones i was modeling other stuff so being a tiny little bit tidy,i stood them on my little stone filled plastic cases just in order to give them something stony old to protect.

          Well that`s it guys the end of a rattling  good adventure with an old pile of Bones. BB


  1. Just checking the old P C is working. BB

  2. It works Paul! It sure does! And the bones look wonderfull! You made them look like rusty old bones! :-D


    1. Nice of you to say so Peter.i ended up giving these away ,but found these pictures on one of my oldest computer, mine having gone Kaput yesterday.
      i should be up and hopefully writing again by Monday when my new PC arrives.BB

  3. You never fail to impress BB! The idea for stringing the bows is excellent

    1. Thanks Russ,these figures were rather large and so the wire used for stringing these bows came from stripping down plastic bag ties which come in free really, because the freezer bags are bought for picking up what the dogs leave behind on their walks. BB