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Mud Brick Castle Iran by BB

A Foreword
Due 2 a lack of mathematical skills on my part the original draft was changed in order to  correct a whopper of a mistake. Mrs B,rightly pointed out my mistake,and i`m glad she did. Phew,ain't we glad we have a other half  to help us out of a tough spot?   He,He!                                                                                             
And So it Begins

I found this ancient place very interesting,because this Castle is built of mud bricks baked hard under the Sun,but wood burnt bricks were also added too. So a large area must have been made to fire the bricks in Wood Burning Kilns for the mass of bricks needed for this build.This was a giant leap in technology when this place was first built. The East was leaps and bounds ahead of the West.

Some might well ask ,"What`s unusual about building with this type of brick?", and that`s a darn good question to be sure. Well the answer is this, "this fortress that has had several names placed upon it`s head since that first course of bricks were laid,is 1,200 years old. No,no ,I`m Joking with you. It is actually over 1,800 years old.So this means sure alterations ,and ongoing repairs were laboured upon over that great period of time. ( i had mistakenly suggested Alexander had seen this Castle which of course he did not . So i was wrong,and so i own up to my original mistake. It  feels good to be candid about these things in order to earn some kind of respect. After all we are all  imperfect and make mistakes.Clearly it was not my intention to delete and hide it away. BB )

These massive mud brick walls are 40m high,__________that`s nearing 132 feet.
This is indeed proof  that massive castle walls could be built without using stone in AD and also in BC time periods.Advanced technological skills proves this to be the case,because the development of firing bricks must therefore go way back into the streams of time.

So the time period covered and wood fired brick is what i found interesting along with the height of the Castle itself. This place Dezbaz Castle also known as Shapur-Khast Castle built around the year 216 AD ,stands built upon solid rock in the City of Khorramabad, Loreston Province, Iran.

                                                            Written by Beano Boy

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    1. Glad you agree Ray,this kinda stuff can silence the over critical wagging fingers that can constently nag,about somethings that no longer exist.Although the prime reason of course for researching for good solid evidence is to add some kind of information that might be of real use to Scratch Builders working within the Hobby. Thanks 4 the comment Ray. BB

  2. Nice post and very impressive walls!

  3. Thanks Phil,good of you to comment. BB

  4. Very interesting post indeed. It must have been a good way to make these bricks, because they survived all this years!
    And you are so Lucky that Mrs B is taking care of you!


  5. I sure am lucky Peter, for often i put my foot into it! Opp`s!
    In the East the Great Wall of ??? When was that built." i`mmmmm, i`ll have a look see. BB