Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Napoleonic British Guard Cavalry: ____ Painted by Beano Boy


I painted a couple up last year.


                                                                 Blues and Royals
                                                   Horse Guards and Life Guards

An added blanket on this one.

                              Life Guards_______________     Honey Well Buildings

           These were some of the first Napoleonic Cavalry by Revell,that i painted  many years ago.
                   Way before our Internet connection. BB


  1. You can't beat a good group shot of cavalry! They look just how Napoloenic figures should look, all ready to charge for death or glory, hopefully it will be the later for these little chaps

    1. You are certainly right Russ,these figures are part of a few massed formations i painted. They lived in a box wrapped up after painting for absolutely Yonks!Thanks for commenting. BB

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil,i paint toy soldier style because i now my own limitations. in my case painting is most therapeutic,and a big part of a healing process. BB