Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Paper Card Railway Signal Box.___ by Beano Boy

The back of the Shoe Factory.
A Dangerous Bend

Often reported upon by Mrs B,and at odd times as seen above in the Evening News. There was at that time a dire need for Signal Boxes.

            _________________ EVENING NEWS _____________April 1st 1939
                                                         HEAD LINES

                      Another Delay in Building Work On The Honey Well Line.

Yes always there is work needed doing. OK !Lets get it done,i said to myself as i saw the report in the daily paper above again. I had been far to busy painting Napoleonic Cavalry. The problem was____

_______because i hate the flimsy plastic Dapal, "AIRFIX", Signal Box,i decided to make my own.
This suited me well as they would sit snug among   my other scratch built buildings on the model railway layout:
A Large Toy for big boys! i wanted no glass in the windows,because that plastic stuff is a nightmare that scratches far to easily ,and works loose and pushes in when cleaning them has to be done. i also decided that  a light be fitted ,and i wired up the two i built with relative ease,and the thin cable is usually fixed to the actual railway live track. Result good light and the windows without glass always looks as clean as the Station Masters Whistle!

Because i wanted to model my version of the inside i designed the whole thing like any little box where the lid lifts off. So nothing complicated about that. So lifting the roof reveals the inside with its  leavers being many. There`s an iron stove pipe oven,so the kettle is always on the boil for lots of strong railway tea.
There are tiny sit a side chairs,and a large heavy wood shelving unite which houses the brass and copper oil lamps.Sturdy stash away cupboards at its bottom are full to its brim with the very readable Beano and Dandy Comics.
In my imagination a clock ticks its seconds away upon the wall,and in one corner there stands a very noisy buzzer and a bell sounding machine, that shows the little fellows just what train is upon which line.

                   Everything is made of paper. All except the wire and light bulb!

Usually there are two men in a Signal Box,but i placed four to give more of an animated look to these places. I decided i could do this simply by staging the little scene where one shift is ending ,and another work watchful crew is starting.

Sid is off down to the nearest Pub to throw a few wide eyed careful darts, and hopefully catch up with a few jars before they turn out just after 11 pm. Stan`s still inside exchanging Hello`s,and Good Byes from the other crew. It`s been a long 12 hour shift,and a busy one too with 7 trains stopping and others passing by every 30 seconds which is very good for the Honey Well Railway that is just settling into the Spring of 1939.

The plastic thing- a- me -jig where the live wires are usually attached can be seen peeping out from the bottom.

"Hang on Sid, i`m coming as fast as i can." Stan shouts out. ___" Stan, i`ll be on me second pint a fore you get there."

                                                               Glad its not Raining!

                                           The door is on the left on this one above.
                                       i lost the Large Copper Kettle somewhere,
                                       i`ll have to make another. blue  tac will do!

                               In this one the stove is slightly smaller and the door is on the right.

                                                             Stone built to last

          Well i best go hurry and install these tiny little things before there`s an Awful Crash!
              I don`t want another report in the newspaper.
                    " Now where did i put my small screwdriver?   See you later.BB


  1. Looks realistic and splendid, marvelous details!

    1. i did some research and scaled down my version of what i wanted to model in an abstract toy sort of way.i squeezed everything in and the clock taken from a picture of a real one was shrunk down very tiny on the Printer. Thanks again Phil. BB

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Aaron,sometimes i tip my head and things sort of roll out with ideas,and i find myself making the tiny little things.Thanks for commenting.Greetings BB

  3. Excellent work Paul! The inside looks very realistic indeed. You did study it very good!


    1. Thanks Peter,i did look at many a photo of Signal Boxes and their insides. i took certain things from those i liked and combined them into my tiny HO OO Scale Toy Buildings.
      On the Railway Layout in the darkness of night,these buildings with lights on realise well another aspect of model making.Their inside rooms.i have tried to take pictures of this set up but my camera just does not like taking shots in the dark. Perhaps i should try again! BB