Monday, 25 April 2016

Weaving a Something with____________ FRED & MAYBELL plus Elswhere presented by Beano Boy

Since i started this Blog i have been allowing these two Pals great leeway  to organise many a scratch building project ,and on the whole they have been successful in diverting attention away from what actually is being built.                                                                                                                           
For newer ones perhaps upon their first visit here Welcome.                                                                  
FRED used to be a DALEK,but now he is re-classified as the unit, `F.R.E.D`,                                    
simply known as Fred ,and MAYBELL,is of course a MayBell!                                                                                                

It all began over two years ago in Earth time that is,as MayBell met up with Fred on a certain bright sunny afternoon. A Sunday as i recall.                                                                                                      
  Please skip along down and take a look.                                                                                                     
 The yellow lights single Fred, out fine and Dandy-like from the others.                                                                                 

The Cardboard Arrives

Instructions are given to the work force.


Cocktail Sticks are great for arts and craft projects


Fred,shows them how it`s started.

   Not seen here,but glue is applied onto the sticks as such a wattle as this begins.                                                                                
The Template Arrives    


To the left a Special one stands guard. First seen in 1968 on BBC TV.


The work is going extremely well.

"Jolly Good the first of many are complete", declared Fred.                                                              
" Yes it`s looking good Fred,but whats the point?" MayBell, asked.                                                  
   " Yes,MayBell,the points. When all the p v a glue dries they will all be cut off. "                                       

"Gee! Fred, i like the look of these." MayBell surprisingly admitted.
Now lets surprise BB , further and go tidy up his mess!

Others use wire for Gabions Fred & MayBell used string to make Wattle  Fence Screens.
It`s been a fun time slot,pushed into a Fantasy & Sci-Fi  Tutorial. BB      

The Asterix two story tower. Yes, it seems for fantasy figures like these it works. 
A Big Thank`s must go to Fred and MayBell for the Tutorial.     BB                        


  1. Love your helpful little friends BB!

    1. Very Glad you like these helpful friends Phil,i began penning storys using Fred & MayBell about three years ago. As for the Daleks i have another 400 odd painted that are not at all that friendly. Thank you Phil for commenting. BB

  2. Your talents also include being a true entertainer! This post brought a smile to my face! Thanks BB it has brightened my day.

    1. Well i love to write story`s Russ,and use props. i choose to use Fred & MayBell and the Daleks, because there is no need to have multiple poses of them. What they look like is how one expects them be.As a writer i change the expected characters into the fun time things i wish them to be. Mention of your smile and bright day,has certainly cheered me up. Thank You BB

  3. Do I see a Roman fort raise on the horizon? Great tutorial Paul!


    1. Hi Peter,there are such things put into Mothballs to raise such a fortified structure that`s for sure. i am pushed for space at present with lots of other stuff ongoing,but certainly when i feel fresh keen to play again with the prefabricated parts that are all made it,or part of it will go up quick smart. Thanks for the question,and interest. BB