Saturday, 7 May 2016

An Adventure in B&W by Beano Boy

  "It started with a snore_______________ 

                              and then a beautiful sky then another side ways snore.For such things                            
               often occur within such nodding off as this. "                                               

Guns were pounding something.........somewhere......Then as the lolling colour fades our story begins 

With the sounds of the rails loud,and rattling. Everything seen that can hold a gun is moving.
 Until the bottle neck is reached.                                                                                                 

A Tiger awaiting its turn along the railway. Overhead the constant drone  of aircraft.  Relief shows upon the anti-aircraft gun crews faces. The drone above is from German engines.
The Royal Airforce is down to one Tiger Moth,and a flare-gun,but allas no pilot.

In war there are often  times when speed creates a bottle neck,and this is one of them. The rails below chock a block full of everything  that can carry a gun have converged onto three rail tracks,and the scene is set for a most daring episode in the annals of warfare.

                                        Guns a plenty shift and rock upon every short stop.

Finally a clear track and this train is upon its way.

                                                   O the wonder of blu tac!
                                                  and an electric train setup.

There are times when even the smallest of toys can find within them  courage enough to make their sacrifice count.Somehow the England of 1942  has been invaded  and the jam packed rails of Honey Well are bearing the brunt of it.First the heaviest bombing ever has totally destroyed the little town,and not one house, shop,or factory,or street light has been left standing. Then the guns targeted every street sign and drain and manhole cover. Such was the thick of it as it fell.
All that remains is the early Victorian Railway Station built in 1861,which for obvious reasons was not a target. The railway is important  and now over-run  by heavy German tanks.Those surviving figures are still gathered at the Station and have been witness to heavy fighting as the local Home Guard were spurred into action.

No crowd cheering here or friendly flag waving. No never that but one of pure caustic scorn.

Heavy Cranes are hooked up

No reasons need explaining when this terrible situation of circumstance has blown you off your own English  door step along with the returnable Dairy Crest milk bottles.                                                    
The local Home Guard now reduced in number are destined to take part in a highly secret meeting.     The Butcher,the Baker are gone. The Candel Stick Maker,and Undertaker,and two young lads remain. The last of the ammo is shared out between them,with orders every one of those rounds must count.   It is now that Winstons Secret Army  members swing into action.                                                                              

 They finally meet with and take command over the last remaining dirty faced members old and young alike of the Honey Well,  Home Guard Local Defense Volunteers at BB`s medieval tower, an oddity about a mile and a half from where the little town had once stood. Removed now from that very spot it had risen from well before the age of  any Saxon king that had,had a sword and a wish a plenty to rule over it.

The conclusion of that meeting where no minutes were taken was that the railway must be sabotaged at any cost.                                                                                                                                                 
A Special Ops Moment
Where a Short Time Passes
As if a Lifetime

BOOOOOOM!   With a small charge well laid in place,the first train is Blown Clear Off its Tracks. 
It is a fearful scene of utter carnage. toys are thrown about as if old rags.
        These tanks are going nowhere fast.......(  Well not on my track that`s a certainty!)                                                                                                                                     

             Determined to do his duty the toy figure sticking to his gun will win the iron cross 2nd class that`s for sure.                                                                                                                       

Meanwhile in the confusion the locals escape,hoofing it every man, and young lad for himself .         
They will eventually meet up later upon a quest that is as hot as is the escaping steam  upon this hissing scene.                                                                                                                                   

Hissed off good an Proper,the Germans use a Sledge Hammer to Crack a Walnut!

They send in Heavy Tanks that grind and lumber their way across the brand new tracks. 

 "One scratch on e`m and BB,will be well hissed off too."

 To add another blow to the growing  chaotic confusion a well armed captured German Truck,
stands   below.                                    .

The one eyed sentry above on the battlement gives the thumbs up sign.
( Well he would if he had one.)
 Anyway the last shell is shoved home into the heavy Russian artillery piece,and KA-POW!           
Another train is blown away leaving in its wake destruction very few have seen.                             

         Smashed tip over tail mangled toys lay were they fell.
           These 50 ton Bogies will take some shifting that`s for sure.
        Making time for the Brits to reform for a counter attack elsewhere.

"Buying out time
So others can Stand."

That is what the Local Vicer is thinking as he leg`s it near breathless from the scene.

Winston`s Secret Army was made up of supposed meek and mild ones, one would hardly suspect.Stamped officially as unfit for real duty they had one far higher than that to perform if invasion had taken place. ______________Much of which is still secret to this day.                                                                

In the first shot of the Eight Sided Tower,there are two French Resistance Fighters,who were near discovered by the Caesar who ruled over the European Map for quite a spell. Far to long.                         
So they upped sticks and fled safe to Britain.                                                                                                        
 Bearing in mind that one train escaped destruction, would these two give a helping  hand,as the train comes around again as it surely must?_______Or will they take a ride?                                                  

Asterix & Mutt,all in good fun  decided upon the latter

As for me,i will start to rebuild Honey Well and the Layout when i Wake!

No toy figure was harmed in any way shape or form along this course of tracked duration.

No crash derailed scene`s was contrived. Upon their skipping off the rails as some do they were photo shot as they lay upon their landing.                                                                                                                 

 "i did mention it started with a snore! Now it ends with  even more."

      Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!_____Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!  BB


  1. A useful and beautiful train BB!

    1. Thank you Phil,i thought i`d get lazy upon that night i sifted through these photo`s and wrote of the sleep i should have had instead. BB

  2. Great story and pictures Paul! Thanks for sharing!


    1. There are slight changes to this dreamlike story book tale Peter. The lookout Dalek on the Tower!
      Many Thank`s for your timely visit and comment. BB

  3. Looks like you enjoyed yourself Paul. Lets hope you have many more adventures that start with that snore...

    1. Hi Ray,i am not into gaming but often read yours and Phil`s battle reports,and although i cannot compete in such wide awake splender i did the next dreamy-like thing,i fell topsy turvy into B&W sleep___and pinched Bookworm from the Forum. to help out. Opp`s! Double Opp`s!
      Both your visit and comment were very welcome.BB