Monday, 2 May 2016

BB`s Hectic Sunday by Mr Bobby__Plus Couragoues Mr Bobby by BB

Now it must be said Guys,that often is the case BB,gets quirky ideas and sometimes upon putting effort,and determination into carrying them out they work out quite well. However that being so sometimes these plans have knock on effects. Like the time BB,being determined to get the last fluid drops from the supper glue bottle gave it a squeeze,a something one should never do. Well upon nothing coming out and onto the model Panzer Tank part he intended sticking together, he applied a touch more pressure to another squeeze. Well whoosh it came out like grease lightning flooding the model,BB`s fingers as he was holding the thing in his left hand. "Opp`s! Mrs B,i`ve stuck myself good and proper to this tank." he yelled as he shook his hand trying to free his fingers. No good it dried in seconds. Yes it seemed upon the face value of it that he had joined the German Africa Corps,in more ways than one,because the near empty bottle of Super Glue was stuck fast onto his right hand. This resulted in BB`s hands being giving a neat soapy wash,then a dunk into water,and this was repeated several times over the next hour or so. Upon release his fingers were as  if they were made of very course sand paper. "Well at least i didn`t waste what was left in the bottle Mrs B", he laughed out in the kitchen that was near full of foam and floating bubbles. 

It Was Such a Bright Sunday Morning,and as usual it saw BB,very busy indeed.  

However BB,being fed up giving his Plaster of Paris Castings a wash by brush decided upon the Sheep Dip Method. Yes make a good deep batch up,and in his own words,"Dunk E`m In!" Mrs B,agreed that it seemed a good solution to his fed up tired arms.Well you see,little 14 Stone Fiddle Wood,Wood Gnomes tend to have rather lazy fed up and even painful arms. So BB,had a Brush Stroke that would help out no end,and save tons of tiresome time. The strange clock upon the wall that had no arms,but was wound up in spite of it once every day agreed that, "Saving time is very good,if only i knew whatever that time might be."

So the batch was well  assessed with water and colour added just right to make sure that a universal look would be the end result to all the  dusty castings. Castings that had spread out upon tables along each long wall of the hallway leading from the front door to the back one where that gorgeous sun now smiled its early morning way through all that glass.

" Yip,i`ll do a Sample.Just ta see what it`s like." he said as he dunked it into the rather murky depth of the trough. " He,He! He exclaimed enthusiastically!  Swooshing it around to avoid settling he dunked,and dunked the lot letting them stand so as to dry out. It took an hour,of plunking in this and that until it was all done and de-dusted.  Mrs B,arriving home from her 7 mile dog walk exclaimed!" "That was quick Paul!" __________"It sure was and i even dunked in the broken ones too." he happily agreed.
Well Paulous,is going to use them as fallen ruins. Oh,yes ,"Intentionally made", he reckoned upon the bright subject of making ruins ancient for the past or even by his ticking strange clock set in the untimely future. Well true some are contrived that way,but others he being a wee bit on the bumbling awkward side dropped plenty upon the stone floor. "There goes another one", Mrs B would often mutter to herself while doing house work in the kitchen,for Dinners a plenty nice and tasty do not plan or cook themselves,and do needs her keen attention.

Now as this tale of hectic dip and splash nears its end i, must say after all the mess dusty or otherwise damp and warming up and going hard,it looks very neat and trim.  This is only half the stuff dipped in Sheep Dipping Style.The floor yes did get wet,but stone floors mop up good with a shine. Unlike BB,who really realised he had perfected the art of creating rather grubby fingernails. Hectically two hours later in spite of many a scrub they still had that dirty look under each and every fingernail,and he joked, that it reminded him of his Jungle Training days in far away Belize. Training that did save his life on many an occasion ,but "That`s a closed book for another time", he would positively say. 

So a few hours saved  by the dunking were well spent trying hard to de-colourwash his hands. 
My O` My.  Bye for now Mr Bobby

Courageous Mr Bobby a True Story by BB

Mr Bobby,was my Cat of exceptional courage some18 years ago. With both his back legs crushed he survived major  surgery with steel pins and screws repairing the damage. It cost me a fortune but he deserved every chance that money could buy.Above all i knew him to be a brave fighter ,and he survived it all and went on to live another 12 years, but with a slight limp. How the accident occurred was he was under somebody`s car,and did not move quick enough when the driver started up and drove forwards crushing and mangling both Mr Bobby`s back legs as the wheels went over him.    When i saw this picture i was so moved by it,i just had to include him on the blog as i remembered Mr Bobby, as being,_________yes reading the newspaper on a Sunday Morning. BB                                                                                                                              

Hopefully i will see you guys later. BB


  1. Gosh!!! This is an impressive lot of wonderful scenery!!! Cheers Beano!!

    1. Gosh! Thank it D? Anyway i appreciate you taking time out to read and view my rambling stuff.
      i will view your blog very soon.BB

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Phil thanks for your commenting on my work.
      Mrs B,was astonished that i actually get comments at all.So for the first time ever she read them.
      i Hope to visit your blog soon.

  3. BB you excelled yourself yet again! Cracking work!

    1. Thanks Russ,all these will be stashed away for a while,before i actually build the set in which i will use them. I am thinking 28mm figures would take the lead parts in the topic to come.
      Thanks for commenting BB

  4. I would love to see a video from Mr BB and the superglue bottle! Must have been slapstick!
    Great post with a lot of scenery reay to be used!


  5. Thanks Peter,i intended to liven up what can be seen by many as rather hum drum and boring. So Mr Bobby took control of the first part of this toppic. The episode involving the Supper Glue was sort of based on fact. As for Mrs B,using the camera she was far to busy squirting lots of washing up liquid onto my hands.
    Thanks for commenting. BB