Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Eye Was Hopping in the Garden ______ by BB

It must be mentioned to those that do not know of me,that many of my tales concern using toys as props,and this is one of them.   It`s  not Star Wars, but there is a rather Big Bang!                                                                                                     
Concerning Eye ,i first wrote of  it in November 2015,in a Fantasy Sci-Fi story of creation.  It came about because, Mrs B,on her dog walk upon that frosty cold morning found it and brought it home. Toys are often found abandoned in this way usually thrown from cars,after the remains of a big mac has been consumed.    Although this is not one of those. Saint Faiths Road is daily littered in such a thoughtless way.  Often is the case we clear this up ourselves because it gets blown against the     old medieval hedgerow in such a tangled mess. The hedgerow boarders three of our tiny  gardens in which we take pride in,so we detest a build up of thrown away rubbish.                                                                         
                                                  Toys Found                                                      
Such toys often found in this way end up washed and added to a stash in a large toy box .The contents of which younger children  play with added interest whenever they visit us here at Fiddle Wood.                                                                                                        

Eye Was Hopping in the Garden,and it had a slight but most energetic spring to its leap.            
           A leap that is and was and still is highly motivated indeed in its constant spring.                                  

Imagine the happy sound of Eye humming its favourite magical tune as it hops along.
 A peaceful tune only it would hear in its hum-full program ,  for it has not even one single ear. In fact it was always humming when working, when resting,and even when taking forty winks while from afar important downloads were being placed upon its database.
 As files were opened up in such a downfall of static,it continued to hum along in its pleasant playful tune. Long-ago it had been turned out from a far greater imagination and yes indeed Eye,was something special,although the total understanding  of special it had no conception of ,or would understand its true meaning.In fact it never thought of such a thing then.




It had been the case after large explosive rumblings that Eye, had been beamed down to the planet TALF`ELBAT to plant and maintain the garden there. Of course it is,or was no normal garden,but one that would spread out in all directions,upon root,high flying seed and especially upon Eye`s tuneful cuttings. For Eye it is,or was a lonely place,but gradually since its arrival it was one that had brightend up for the great expectations of other lifeforms.

However looking to the vastness of the heavens at night Eye, had many a static tear fall as it remembered the bright tiny star it had come from ,which lay floating upon gravity way past the Belt of Orion`s Constellation.
It seems imagination and that first spark of emotion had come at long last into play upon its mainframe computer and with it a clear sight of its task now complete.

 What is Eye? What does it look like?

How long had Eye, been there on  TALF`ELBAT ? _____EON`s!

In the end, Eye realised along with others of its kind,that they had been created to help seed the ever expanding universe.

             Here is the twist in such a tale as this.
It might be the case a simple smile might welcome this little fellow to the toy box.      

            Or indeed in other cases Not.                                                                                                                          

Scroll  Down Please

Where is Eye now?______ Taking a well earnt rest in the Toy Box.but its still humming!  BB


  1. Great story again Paul!


    1. Thank you sorry for late response on this one Peter,i`m getting very forgetful. Greetings from Fiddlewood. BB

  2. Replies
    1. Very sorry for late reply Phil, but better late than never A? The All Seeing Eye some refer to it as being.BB

  3. You've put a smile on my face yet again BB!

    1. That is the aim Russ,Smiles a Plenty,and in my actions always perhaps that unexpected humoristic twist to an ending that to some might make profound sense.
      Thanks for your visit and nice comment. See U later BB