Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Fred & MayBell & The Illustration _______ by way of Beano Boy

             The Start of Day                                    

 The day dawned upon another cold Tuesday,but also upon such a bright morning,and very soon it began to warm up very nicely.Very much different from the rain that fell thundering down upon Fiddle Wood,yesterday. So it was a time to take a short break in the garden. The Blue,and Great Tits,were busy feeding their young and paid no never mind to Mrs B,and i ,about the place. They nest in the Boxes fixed tight and cool upon the house each year,and dart about the garden all year long.  As do the Black Birds,that have nested in the Hawthorn Hedgerow that makes up a long stretch of the colorful garden.                                                                                                                             

Mean While....... upon one of the modelling tables in our little house,these two Pals are snooping a snoop of whats been going on.  Now Fred,used to be a Dalek,but now as the unit F.R.E.D,he is simply known as Fred. As for MAYBELL, yes perhaps you guessed it? Like her name dictates,She is always on call,and is just a very helpful MayBell.                                                                                                                                  

"It`s like a picture in a book Fred. "___________" What is MayBell ?" _____" This what we are standing upon."_______ " Oh! Yes MayBell,an illustration?"_____" Wow! Fred,you certainly are getting much smarter every day."____   " Well thanks MayBell,i just heard BB,saying to Mrs B,that he would place a couple of photo shots in way of an illustration." _____" So he just made a mock up then Fred?"____ " Yip! and we are stood a standing upon it." _____ " Yes i must say that stonework above out heads seems to be  a bit unsteady",said MayBell ,as she eyed up the towering structure. ___" Well we best move before like Humpty,Dumpty,it comes smashing down." said Fred, with a chuckle!_____" You mean like that old Cannon,they placed upon that Church Tower?" ____" I do."                                                                                                        

So the two pals move along upon the table top full of Fantasy Dreams! 

A shot of the Cornflour box that once contained a part essential for such idyllic work to take place.

                               See? MayBell,sure does know what she`s talking about?

"Hey! BB,you forgot to mention them Wings!" Fred and MayBell,exclaimed!

"O Yes thanks guys for the reminder."

                                                             To Finish

Here`s Junk Jewellery fresh off the slow boat from China, and these will help make stonework patterns up,and here was Mrs B,thinking i had finished with dusting stuff about the place.

 Thanks for your visit. Please do call again i am in most days!  BB


  1. Most impressive job BB!

    1. Hi Phil,its been a long haul this time making my own stuff,but i do feel a sense of echievement making props,and passing on a little bit of info to others. i will try my hand at painting soon,but only stone and brick. Thank you kindly BB

  2. It's coming all wel together! It will be a very nice temple, or whatever you will call it!


    1. Hi Peter,i believe i have enough for quite a sprawling city in my fanciful dreams that is. Temples,yes there will be some after the railroad bed is set in place.
      Thanks for stopping by BB

  3. It is always fun to see the creative work you make Paul,
    and it looks perfect again, man I wish I was as productive as you are...
    Amazing fantasy world you are creating here.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Hello Remco, it feels great knowing you visit and like what is on offer. As for me being productive i`m a bit lazy in my twilight years,but my hobby keeps me feeling young. Fantasy keeps the button counters away,i know you understand the meaning of that statement. As for this work,one could say this is the real pathway to the City of Dreams! Have fun my friend.BB

  5. Outstanding, Beano! Your imagination and talent work wonders! Cheers!

    1. D! i guess i do have an over active imagination,but for simple things that anybody could do,and hopefully far better than me.i miss painting figures,
      but it has left lots of time for other fantasy stuff,the stuff dreams are made of. Ones Thoughts!
      Thanks For your kind comments, my talented friend. BB

  6. That is both epic and impressive! You really do post some cracking stuff BB, you really have a true talent and long may you continue to share your knowledge with that special mix of both humour and entertainment.

    1. Hi Russ,very kind of you to mention my quirky stuff in the manor you do. It is true it will be large scale sets perhapes providing only a few required photo shots from each one,but practicing doing my own props,and giving tips along the way has kept me busy through the early cold dark gloominess of this year. You too are very talented in the bright informitive way you present your your stuff. BB