Sunday, 15 May 2016


Hi guys,i had to delete the first movie because the first copy was ruined by movie maker stabilisation which made it all wavy and quite unwatchable. So i will never use that aid function again.
 i hope some will like the little people dotted in and about this place.

Here Are Some Stills
Well a Lot of E`m  Really.

Showing the upside down view of the Station,and it looks rough-shod true but it is very strong.

All Scratch Built With Paper Card & P V A Glue

                                                                off to school

These were once boys,and the legs were shaved down to form legs. Paper pleated into dresses were stuck in place,and school bags made from paper was added to each school girl. finely the hat was formed by p v a glue,first a circle was  made around each head,and when dry the top was formed,then the glue was used to raise detail to all the paper parts and  each model figure was left to dryout. The painting followed later.

The Railway Houses

                                        The drain pipe broke off,i will fix that later.

                             The lean-to roof with figures sure lifts this side each house.

                            Showing the garden area. Once again the figures set the scene.

The idea was to model this place from my own fancy,but give it a sense of real purpose in spite of it being toy-like in nature on view.

So with each end building shuffled into place. The main building can be examined crafty like

                                       The Front Canopy over the Victorian Entrance
The Toilet & Waiting Room can be seen on the right.

The Ticket Office can be slightly viewed on the left just inside the entrance. Back in the day everyone had to buy a ticket for the train and even a platform ticket for those not travelling.

Showing the sections modeled and dotted well with tiny HO OO scale figures,that make up the large paper card base which was scribed out using an empty pen,and then painted in black emulsion ,and dry brushed with white emulsion paint very lightly. So it gave the grey look i was wanting.The plan is to model tiny flower beds in each garden later to add that hint of green and colour.

                                         Each wall make up each individual side garden.

A pointed conversation perhaps a peaceful but heated argument is taking place as they stand upon the step.

Having massed uniform colors works really well by having school uniforms on display and the great thing is they do not look out of place in this type of setting.

The Railway Porters,upon the platform,and this center section was scribed out much more fully because this forms the walkway entrance to where the tickets are bought and then lead onto the crowded platform.

Not shown on the video,were the cast iron supports fashioned  on early Victorian ones seen in photo`s. Every one of them cut paper card and painted with a shiny semi-matt paint. This makes the paper tougher then any off the peg plastic.

I opted  for a near flat roof with just a tiny sloop to all the canopies made in this way so filming and photo shoots would be made much more easy`er.

Cross legged  sitting,and the guy eating a jam butty were made of wire and p v a glue. yes i sculpt with a tiny brush and glue i guess it be down to the Beano Boy constantly upon the move inside my head.

Real newspapers shrunk down in size by a printer were added to AIRFIX Figures by way of a simple cut into each hand and then glued into place, giving a good look to these old but very useful figures.

A tense few moments before the Train is due to arrive.

                                                   The working end of the Station.

Showing the new track with fitted stone foam underlay. Mrs B, applied p v a glue onto the underside of each railway sleeper,and i jiffy`ed each piece of track in place.Easy Peasy,because of our light hearted-teamwork coupled well with lots of giggling fun. Priceless Magic Banter!

The children meeting up at the Station. The Dowson School,is about 2 miles up the track. Yes this old Victorian place is filling up.

The street view with the double sided  stone steps resting well upon the little pathway.

                                            Honey Well Station viewed from a Balloon


                                                                                                   ?     16-5-1955
                       HONEY WELL EVENING NEWS                    page 1

It was reported that the Great Western Train arrived well on time and this was due mainly upon the fact that a complete overhaul of engine had been made and new tracks had been laid. The public exclaimed that finely the lines had been repaired and that the early morning train whistle was a very welcome sound to all Honey Well residents.

The school children were over the moon,because they no longer needed to walk to Wensum High School two miles away by rail,but 3 miles by roadway, track  and wooded lane. Extra coaches had been added on because many had wished to be some of the first along the new lines,a spokesman said as he too waited briefcase and watch in hand upon this rather busy little Stations platform.

This is the Locomotive that i striped completely down,put in new carbon brushes,solded up here and there,and applied oil and it is as good as new. They certainly built good toys back in the day. Unlike the Chinese rubbish churned out today.

The unique carriages re-fitted out with steel rimmed wheels glide along upon their first journey upon the Honey Well Line.

As the Great Western leaves i wish to thank you all for looking at all the pictures and reading all the words that describes best as i can the workings of this tiny place.



  1. Fantastic job!!!
    In the video you tell 3 months because you got more to do in life, well my friend I presume more funny work you mean.
    A real English station with a funny name it is, love the stones, the figures, no love it all!!!!
    Also good to hear mrs.B gave you a helping hand.
    I am always amazed about all your projects Paul, so again a big respect!
    Someday I will make a trip to the UK, and want to see if its all real, hahahaha

    (ohw and nice to hear your voice again, hahaha)
    Keep up the good and inspiring work
    Greetings from Holland, Remco.

    1. Hi Remco,my friend. It is good to know that the little i can do at this time is well liked.The Station name is special most special to myself and Mrs B. It is also a place steeped in mystery,and there are already great tales written of it. None have read them except i. i the wonderer with the tapping pen. Thank you 4 your visit and really nice comment.
      Greetings from leafy green Fiddle Wood here in Norwich. UK BB