Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Running Trains

                                                    In Line With Running Trains  
                                                    More 30 Ton Railway Bogies

Eight HORNBY DUBLO, metal 30 Toners all in farm fresh condition and near on fifty years old,will enable me to run more German Armour upon the rail tracks later.All couplings and buffers and wheels original,and i was informed these spent most of their time stored up in a Well Dusted Attic! Very hard to find a decent rake of these at an affordable cost. Although i did bid for them on E Bay a week or so back,but then most of my rolling stock is won in that way.
After removal of paint on one.They will all be cleaned up ,then with well oiled axles those once farm fresh wheels will spin shinny like and turn a treat upon the railway track. Magic!

                                                                     "Nice Buy BB."

                                                                  "Thanks Book Worm!"


  1. Great one again Paul! Lovely to see the work going on!


    1. Hi Peter,there is a sort of calming effect working in this little room as the trains rattle along and pass me by.
      Thanks for watching,Running Trains,and commenting.
      Righty O`,back to colour washing tunnel bricks. BB