Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Shell Castings of a Rock face a thin project by BB

A couple of years ago i did some rock face castings but found them a little on the thick side,and so therefore hard to work with. Now and again since then i have been rethinking upon this subject,because i want to produce cheap rock faces on the thin side and them being
 3-5mm thick is my aim.This will make it a lot easier to break pieces up while modelling in order to go with the flow of reshaping where it is felt necessary. i set upon an idea that would include 9 heaped Table Spoonfuls of Plaster of Paris,3 small Yogurt pots  each filled with water tipped in from two measurements from their small cup section.A  stretch of Cooking Foil was extended and this was loosely  crumpled up in shape hopefully creating what i needed,but it was trial and error. Lumps of coal one could buy years ago are now a distant thing of the past,but would be perfect once washed,then dry brushed with paint.  Or used for patterns for making rubber moulds.
Rubber Latex Moulds are very expensive but produce great castings,but i grudge paying out good money on something i would only use on a small scale.If one is modelling part of the Grand Canyon they would be a good investment,but i aint.

 3 Spoonfuls of Plaster of Paris into each and just mixed up with a large cheap brush.                    
The trick is not to lump it on in one big pour,but gradually as described below.                                      

                                I painted the first layer on and left it to go off and harden.
                                Then did the same with another two layers.
                              The other castings are for Sci Fi & Fantasy projects.

The shinny stuff pealed off Perfectly.                                                                  
This piece measures just over 1 Foot by 9 inches ,and cost only a few pennies to produce.
In a couple of days it will be very light and perfect for sticking into place on the canal project with Silicone Sealant.

                                                                    Job Done.
                                                      Its playful Beano Boy Fun!

  Yes very thin,and very very cheap. For a first attempt i am pleased,but like when at school,on the report card,"Could Do Better i think applies."

i re-used the metal foil and the second one is nearing its finish too,and each one is unique. 
i wonder if my rock climbers will like scaling these rock faces.  
Ones own imagination can easily come into play but do remember not to over crimp it because you`ll end up trying to pic shinny stuff out of the rock in places like those old 49` ers    BB

The Update

The 2nd Casting Using The Same Foil

Yah! i`m well pleased and both Shell Castings are 3mm Thick.

Thanks 4 Looking BB


  1. Fantastic work as always BB, your work is true inspiration!

    1. Thanks Russ,i feel i am getting there at an end result much quicker and without the need of screwed up newspaper and masses of kitchen Roll soaked in plaster having to be smothered onto it in order to produce a rock face.That my friend is all time consuming,and yes i have been there,and have done that. Greetings From Fiddle Wood BB

  2. Great work again Paul and very inspirational! Thanks for sharing!


    1. That`s what this blog is about Peter,sharing all my antics that`s for sure. Now Mrs B,and i are working on the actual Rock Faces! There is always good reason for our dusting out patterns in daily life. Thanks for commenting it helps keep this Blog alive.BB