Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Model Railway __________ Presented by Mrs B & BB

Under-laying The Track

Mrs B,as ever helpful to me dobbed on the waterproof p v a glue,and i fixed every piece in place on the 30 meters of rail-track. Eight and a half hours work for us spread over a period of 4 days. You youngsters out there could have blitzed it all in one day,and in a lot less time. However it is the  pathway of doing that is all important not the quickness of share speed and pace. Yes daily life can be filled up much more slower with the advent of such intrepid adventures.

Working Together with Banter and Lots of Fun.

i found it easier  to stand the rail-track on its side and wriggle the sleepers into the allotted space in the foam and just flip it over into place and press it down.    With this glue you have time enough to move the track about,whereas contact glue in my case would have resulted in torn bits of  underlay everywhere and myself with much less hair due to the fact of me  a pulling it out in utter frustration.                                                                        

Although very expensive at nearly £23.00 a box of 5 meters i  can highly recommend this product.

Doing the curves is a bit more awkward but soon mastered,and if i can do it being all fingers and thumbs anyone can do better.

Having seen first hand now what we want to achieve in the way of shape to the rail-track and with trains having been run favourably upon it,it is time now to go to another phase of construction.
                                                       Landscaping This large Base.

 i have never ever tried this before.
                   50mm T & G  Polystyrene Cavity Wall Insulation Boards 2100 X 450 mm.

With the ballasted underlay work now complete,and with a new design in direction for the Honey Well track it was decided to buy the Polystyrene boards in order to build up certain levels  on the layout itself.  So each individual circuit of track will be separated ,and neatly stacked aside so this work can be carried out and this will be easy to do because the underlay is stuck onto each piece of track making this quick break down operation possible. With having lots of spare track and foam underlay slight changes can be easily made like cutting in railway sidings leading to engine sheds and water towers that are already made.
 With the polystyrene being delivered sometime on Tuesday i will have a couple of days doing other stuff._________________Yip, Never a Dull Moment! BB


                                 THE POLYSTYRENE BASE IS LAID & TRACK ADDED

As the invisible man it might seem i had not much input or help in this brave endeavour,but it was a jumbled up team effort at first then it all fell into place with that horrid scraping screeching sound of Polystyrene insulation boards.

Mrs B, Shuffled well the light Polystyrene boards together and they slotted into one another just fine.

                The completed rail track was left lay on the M D F Boards and covered over. This  meant when the pattern had run its course the thing could be simple dismantled and the Polystyrene boards  slipped back into place underneath the rails. It was simple to do as each new rail section of track could come apart when it needed to.

 We only needed to cut a couple of Polystyrene boards,and i used  the a Vax  Machine to hover up those tiny pieces of static as each cut was made. So the entire method might seem quite quick but it took two and a half hours before the boards were all down interlocking tight to each other.


   The job of lifting boards and raising rail track was well underway by the time this photo shot was        taken ,and with a few boards at a time shuffled aside , they each were then slipped under  each rail track in turn to interlock together once more and the entire three rail track system was  quickly well in place again. Magic!                                                                                                                                   
My scratch built girder bridge i made with paper card was added for interest upon this speckled snowy scene,and the lines were activated to live and the first trains ran to test the circuits.

Finally this long expanse  stretched out before us, and i wonder what adventures will playout here in much later days as design patterns of scratch building slightly take a change to add that certain interest to visiting eyes viewing it for the first time.

The planed canal will be moved elsewhere  in a much longer stretch and will actually pass through Honey Well itself,but the tunnels will  still be stationed against walls with the waterway seemingly passing through them.  So more narrow boats are planed for the canal that will be cut into this Polystyrene Base,and could be three times longer than the original one planed.                                                                                                                                                        

The temporary railway tunnel entrances will be replaced. 

With this last shot,it was our joint effort that made everything possible. 

New bridges,trees, and quirky features will slowly be added. Street Plans will be laid out and the scratch builds of bygone years  will be set firmly established upon their foundations.

                                                   Thanks 4 Viewing BB


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil. The Polystyrene base will hopefully start to be placed as soon as it comes. Mrs B,will be a great help where that work is concerned too.BB

  2. Nice how you fixed the tracks Paul! I'm sure Mrs B will make a nice base with that polystyrene! Just teasing Paul! I know you work together!


  3. That`s right Peter, Mrs B,is a great help,and has kept me motivated throughout rather rough troubled times as i have suffered badly indeed from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
    That`s why i stopped painting figures 4 months ago,because of my shaking hands.But other things have kept me busy,and is helping me heal.Throughout it all i kept my humour as Beano Boy,to hide behind.
    Feeling much better now though,but still shaky!

    The Polystyrene comes today. He He,it will be such fun. BB

    1. Have fun, both of you! And I hope that soon you be able to paint figures again! Start with some big ones! ;-)