Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Tiny Raised Garden Presented by Beano Boy

Mrs B,has a real gift of green fingers for whatever she plants out, and all the plants seem to multiply and thrive and look good from one year to the next. This raised garden lay desert-like for 15 years and looked a sorry state when viewed from our kitchen window.                                                            
 You see,it belongs to our next door neighbour's who in spite of being well educated individuals and both maths teachers,they had no clues in which to add up in their minds eye where this desolate spot was concerned.  That is until 3 years ago when Mrs B,offered to give this untidy lot a real good dusting of perennial plants  and spring bulbs,and at no charge. The thing is year by year we give masses of plants away because they flourish so well in our tiny gardens surrounding our house. "Yes please ",was the applied mathematics from our young neighbour's, in connection to the offer of help,and so Mrs B,set to with our gardening tools ,and then did the simple planting out in one nice sunny afternoon. About 3 hours work.  i took these shots today from an upper window in our house,and i hope you like the tiny raised garden Mrs B, kindly planted out and maintains from one year to the next?                                                                                                                                    

Some might wonder why do such a thing for free,but you see we benefit greatly too because we would sooner look out of our window at this pleasant sight rather than the sun dried bleached desert it used to be. Yes Mrs B,certainly has the rare gift of applying logic along with having green fingers.                                                                                    

                                                           A Little Bit Extra.

i was just checking the Mail Box,and looking around when i saw George Senior in the garden.

He is come rain or shine ,snow or hale stones, about the tiny place that fronts well our door.

He seemed as if to make make mention of something,
                    and this thought just  sprang into view to add a sort of                     
        silly twist to this topic.                                                          

so out i went through the arbour and out into the concrete slab area that makes up in part the court yard where us Beano`s live.

We had thought it a crazy place to raise such a Standard as this here,that would have put even ancient Rome to shame,but the fitter said that this was the only spot to receive a signal.  i think the  twit should have been reported as being not up for such a task  that he had been employed to carry out. So as this was not the case he continued to plant such an eye saw  in plain sight even though we pointed out where a dish had been fixed before upon that very house.

So we look upon a colorful  raised bed,and an outlandish modern sculpture of perforated tin.



  1. She did a great job! Congrats to her!


    1. Mrs B,actually looks now upon my space on the internet waves so she will read your comment Peter,and will be most thankful for it.Sometimes it pays to be kind to ones neighbour`s in a helping hands way,because it can at times be of benefit to all concerned. BB