Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Trailer To A Story by BB

Mr Glad Grinds. A Missing Piece From a Certain Story.

The total grimness of Halfway House stood deep gripped in its own solitude that cold winters night, for the only company it had was the ancient post-mill half a mile away whose top sails were always visible,and the deep set wooded area at its back.
To its front the cobbled courtyard with its double gate of cruel metal spikes had been left wide open and fixed solid now as if welded to that very spot just short of the rustic looking high wall.The deep running groves that lay below the snow that had fallen fresh upon that day were of two black iced half circles perfectly made by that forced iron swing of those heavy gates.The snow had wrapped eiderdown tight snug everywhere that night , and as the horse drawn cab turned into this sugary sight  that sparkled like a millions stars,Mr Glad Grind,disgruntled paid the Cabby while a muttering ice cold words."I suppose a tip,you`ll be wanting then upon this feastive night?"__ " Well it`s near enough the season of goodwill  Sir,so a little gratuity would be extremely most welcome." ___" It would would it? Here`s Half a Crown,and you may keep the change."___ " Thank you kindly Sir every little helps and Twopence is no mean thing to be sniffed at especially  on such a cold night as this." Glad Grind raised his silver handled walking cane up in salute of good bye,as he climbed the slippery five front steps leading to his most impressive front door. " Good Night Sir." the Cabby said as the reactivated horse turned to trot out of such a sad looking icey place.Glad Grind,said nothing more,but raised his walking cane once more.
                                                    A LITTLE LATER

 "It was good." He thought as he sat beside the cold open fireplace that sure sucked up every single piece of draft there was as if it were a real black hole,for not a single ember glowed of heat and such ashes as these were,they were the end result of the day be-fores roaring fire.

It was nearing 10.30pm and with well spent money laying in others pockets he was sure the key of success was well assured and that he would have that certain something in his breast pocket soon.He smiled at the sight of remembering how Charley Spotit looked so tall a sitting sat on that iron legged chair in The White Rabbit ,Public House.  Was Glad Grinds, plans put forward to two bully boys to gain the Journal Mr Spotit was sitting on? Or was it perhaps something else? But What?

To be included in "The Jungle Photograph." for there is where the answers lay. BB

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Toys For Big Boys by Beano Boy

A New Collection is Now Ongoing

 Here are a couple of  newly bought Railway Engines for the HoneyWell Line.

First of all Thomas The Tank Engine,one of 1000,a limited edition in this  Metallic Blue.   He will be of enormous help around and about the rails bringing stuff i need to rebuild the railway up again.He`ll be in charge of bringing bricks and stone,ballast and new rails up the line where i will be working and even at break time a sandwich or two. At a push  Fish Finger Sandwiches will do,but Jam Butty`s are my all time favourite  when working. Sticky Mitts help stick the tracks down.

Bought from Rails of Sheffield,The MALLARD,brand spanking new. Having cardboard boxes a plenty bulging with period piece carriages i didn`t want a full train set. This is not Tender driven,so the motor is in the Engine!So it seems Hornby ,has finally learn`t a hard lesson ,because who wants a push along loco without a motor?

This Beautiful Engine ran like a dream upon it running in session it glided as if upon pure silk.
Mrs B,watching me type this,said. "it`s a Mallard,it should read like a duck taken to water!" 
So whatever one you like best is fine with me guys.

The new layout certainly welcomed this new addition that`s for sure as every bend and tunnel was not the least bit of a problem to this passing flash of blue.

Not having spent to much money for months,i decided to splash out and spoil myself.My Scratch building programme has helped channel more funds into a secret slush fund stashed away in rather big bags the contents of which are not laying in limbo waiting for the downpour of a rainy day.
They are for buying toys for big boys__mainly Me!

So i`ll be able to show these two off racing the rails for fun.


Well Folks Thomas Arrived!

             Nearly All Metal He is A Very Tough Going Powerful Little Tank of an Engine!

The reviews on this Hornby model Tank Engine was very helpful,because it claims and i have seen it on line that this little fellow will pull eight full length  railway carriages. So its going to be fun running him.

( Thomas,arrived and certainly is a flashy model Engine in his metallic blue,and i ran him in today. He sailed along upon every section of track like a dream,and i`m sure he is happy to be first in this,his brand new collection here at Fiddlewood. It has certainly put another funny side to our model railway which i like.If he raises a smile as he does the circuit with his carriages in tow then he has been well worth every Pound and Shinny Smooth Penny spent on him. With a more powerful motor installed he gets top marks from me,and the box he came in is an ace cool collectors thing!)

"Annie, did you know that BB,has bought us?"
"Yes Clarabel,i did know,and it`s so exciting!"
" Exciting! Whys that then Clarabel?"
"Well Annie,we get to meet FRED & MAYBELL!"
YIPPY! They both agreed.

                            Yes i added the other lighter shade of Thomas to the Toy Collection too.

   Brand New Full Working Trainset with Track,Transformer,and Control Box.        
  This will be a real thrill for our younger Grand Children to enjoy when they come to visit.
   As well as little o`ll me and Mrs B, too.

                                             IT ARRIVED ON TIME TODAY

             This Engine is very heavy it being the case it`s nearly all metal,but with the up-gunned powerful motor replacing that piece of junk that was installed in earlier models,he will powerfully pull my period piece model carriages as if they were as light as feathers.
What more of a recommendation can one give to any model?
Yes he is  toy like,but a toy likeness for big boys.
For young children buy the push along,or the wind up toys,which are the top of the range and almost indestructible. Whereas electric train sets are meant for model trains sailing upon the breezy rails of constant change and not for the often destructive hands of youngsters.
E Bay is full to the brim with broken high priced Thomas Engines,and Carriages ,so buy new because there is no economy in chucking good money in the bin!



                            The largest Engine of them all GOOD O`ll GORDIN!

                                 "Have a Nice Day Everybody Especially. You"  



                                                 THIS IS THE BRAND NEW JAMES

                                            ABOVE IS THE BRAND NEW HENRY
                                  "Yaaaa-Hoo! BB,lets get some steam up and run a few?"
                                    declared the eccentric Cowboy who sleeps in his boots!
 "i like to nibble my way through a good book. But watching trains is Good!"
  said the tiny Book Worm with a large appetite for highly educated reading !
                                  "All made for fun BB. he-he-he!" said the laughing green smiley!

Apart from HENRY, all the Engines shown are run in,and perfectly responded to a tiny amount of electric power,and soon they will be pulling waggon's and carriages around the layout.They are all Beautiful OO Scale Engines,based upon toys from a cartoon,but they are certainly not toys they are models with good motors,and therefore are not for 3 year old children. At 67 and still full of fun they are perfect for me and my tiny model railway.



i bought this Kit  Produced by DAPOL, in order to obtain the figures in their top hats.
 It`s a re-issue from the old  AIRFIX KIT,  Mould.                                                            
             As an avid collector  i often buy stuff just get my hands on hard to come by stuff,                    
            and so in this there is nothing surprising in this for me or Mrs B.                                                           

Yes Bought To Man My Electric  Set Below!

These are very hard to come by these days,and so i am very pleased to have just won this on E Bay.

Just one carriage can cost between £50- £75 ______i paid £10.00 for that one carriage above.




"Soon Put To Rights,With Those Above. and Some Self Tapping Screws!"

"So lets ride some rails!"


A Limited Edition One Out of 5000 Produced
The Locomotive was first produced by TRI- ANG in the year 1968.

Re-issued in 1983 the  R796  Locomotive,tender and three coaches.


A Beautiful Edition For The Railway Collection

                                             Thanks for you for looking  BB

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Horses presented by Beano Boy

These Two Certainly Have That Wow Factor

i`ll add more later BB

Golden Girl. Isabelle or Palomino coloured. Mare and Foal somewhere in Surrey UK

                                                                Black Mustang

                                                          BLACK ARABIAN

                                                        A SPANISH HORSE

                                                 A FEW MORE LATER BB