Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Stephenson`s Rocket Presented by BB


It sure is a tiny little thing. 
33 years old and in mint condition.

The little Locomotive was very stiff and therefore would not move at all ,but after a good oiling up it began to move slightly slow at first,then a wee bit faster. i decided to help it along by having another Loco on line to push it along,making sure the oil did its job as each lap sailed by. Of course having a small motor it will not cruise the tracks like larger engines do,but a little help as described paid  off and the Rocket set its own speed and paced out the track for a further 3 hours on its own with no bother.

The work replacing the couplings is near complete on all the carriages,it being the case the last one to fix up is upon the bridge. So everything should soon be sound enough to ride some rails.                    

The carriage above is from the year 1968,and so has plastic wheels,so i`ll simply replace those with much better metal spoked wheels produced by Hornby.

Above is The Rocket re-issued by Dapol,using the old AIRFIX mold,and is of course a plastic kit one has to make up. i bought it only to obtain the figures in their top hats,because____well i had none! Slightly different from the original figures from the TRI-ANG, issue of 1968,but better to have these than none. So i felt it well worth showing them.

So after buying the little fellows,i felt it well worthwhile to show them here,and they look pretty good i will paint these myself,and make up a coal shovel.

As can be noted no tracks laid as yet here on the scratch build,but work is slowly but surely progressing and dressing up the bridge is now on going.

The earlier models of the Rocket had a smoke element  fixed into the chimny stack,but this was found to cause damage to the model it having to draw more power to smoke the watered down oil into steam,and because of it the motor burn`t out.  So the little puff along jobs,ran out of steam pretty darn quick.

                      Viewed upon the kitchen table.  And it`s time for a Cuppa Tea!

                                                      Thanks for looking BB

                         What Follows is a BACHMANN DE-WITT LOCO & CARRIAGES

The carriages unlike HORNBY or TRI-ANG, really look like the CARRIAGES EMPLOYED on THE ROCKET,back in the day. Which were taken off horse drawn coaches. There`s quite a bit of damage to the Tenda,if one was to call it as such,with the upper part cover missing!

               Above shows the cover on the Tender plus the Driver___Engineer!

The photo`s taken from E BAY, i placed here for reference point only, and as of yet i have not bought either Loco,but good detail of the carriages are my main interest.
So i am looking into obtaining a full complete set in the near future. BB


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    1. It sure is Superb Phil,and with a little bit of extra work involved to bring the train up to scratch will pay off as the Rocket runs.The added Bonus of the AIRFIX figures will pay off and the whole combination will lend another bright smile to the growing HONEYWELL collection.

      Thanks for your visit and comment. BB