Thursday, 21 July 2016

TRIX HO GAUGE DER ADLER _____Presented by BB

Another Bright Little Smile for the Model  Railway

The ADLER, and Three Coaches
Looking quite toy like true,but based upon a real Loco,and the train it pulled.

Great Pictures showing the scale of this powerful little Loco in relation to the lucky people aboard her.                                                                                                                                                       
                                   "That must have been a tremendous fun filled day. "                                                                  

                                                      Above a larger scale Loco.

                                       MY HO SCALE MODEL BELOW                                                    

In spite of the UK Pound being down at present,
i managed a few ready`s from my PAY PAL Slush Account,
and Bought THE ADLER on E BAY,for a song!  A Moderate Price!
So i hope to display the Loco and its train soon.


The tiny train-set arrived well on time,and as i type this is being run in on the railway layout and is performing well at cruising the rails. However looking at the size of the guys in the photo`s and the picture above i believe 1/72 scale figures might suit this model well,but alas there are none produced.

        Have Fun Guys_________See you soon   BB


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