Friday, 26 August 2016


I had intention of buying the  old metal bridge below but through illness missed out on bidding.
So i began as most already know,building my own stuff. The photos were a great help showing many a design pattern to lull a longing stare at for a while. Its an odd mix of stuff,so ramble down if you are pleased to do so.    There are toys,then blue prints and model bridges,and last of all photos of real bridges and of water,and my water effects.                                                                                                                                            

                                                                    i Love the old tin signs

                    All very helpful,and pictures of such can inspire at least my abstract building style!

                                                                 N Scale Lock

This reflection of shadow on water i tried to capture in my work.

Below my Third Water Sample

                                                  Below my Second Water Sample

Below my First water sample

Looking at pictures stirs ones imagination up and helps no end ,because most of us are alone so we need stimulation of many odd sorts in order to learn our own art form. BB

Where there`s bridges there are reflections dealing with the past,
even if it lays in a cool puddle of rain water. BB


  1. If this is how you find your inspiration, no wonder your designs are so good, BB.


    1. Hi Aaron,
      very nice of you to express your opinion on Good,i myself seem always to search out what i see as an impossibility for me,and in that process the journey along the pathway is much more important than perhaps the final end result.As for inspiration it is the reflection of light bouncing off the darkness that makes it possible to see anything,even in the smallest bubble of water contained, but rolling upon a leaf.Greetings from the green that is Fiddle Wood. BB,that`s me

  2. I immediately recognised the last bridge. It's just down the road from where I lived in Winton (Eccles, Manchester) I've walked under that bridge thousands of times. Still do when I got back and visit.

    Amazing !! It's a small small world.

    When I was a kid you used to hear the trains all day long and goods trains at night on that Manchester to Liverpool line.

    1. Hello John,
      good to see it brought back pleasant memories for you.
      i will have go on Google Maps and cruise that place out especially to see what the other side of the railway bridge looks like.Thank you for taking time out to view my stuff.
      i hope always to show very odd topics indeed.
      Greetings from the Greenwood that is Fiddle Wood
      upon this fine summers day. BB