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Charley Moonshine`s Barrels. A How To and Story presented by BB

 Here we go again some might say another tutorial?
So i`ll ring out a few changes along this oddity of a pathway.
So please hop skip a few steps along it ,it could even be fun!

 It might well be said someday that some might save a heap of money by making  their own tiny castings if they had need of some or even greater still the many.  Others besides might well join in and share the cost and the results. This to me is what i am all about, sharing.

Within this Fiddlewood, ramble there is no expensive metal casting up to do,so fingers ,feet and thumbs need not get burn`t in the process to produce repetitive castings.
The early process,is playing with Lego & Black Stuff and eventually Plaster of Paris to make Magic.
This product white, dusty,that is true,but used with shine for certain success by Master Masons even today. As to the magic that stems from one having made it ,them and those,and by hand.
Look at this?As the first great thrill is revealed. __________Remember Pride not Vanity.

i had the greatest pleasure working with Master Masons as a young lad of 15,straight from school,and "FREEDOM!" _____________even now i try to dot every lonely looking i.
  Many years on from my tender years of knowing nothing of the world this page arrived in my 67th year,and now i know far to much about it,and lots i`d sooner forget.However after saying that there is a little i would like to pass on.
 In Brief Measure My School Days 1953 -1964____ in reality then in relationship to my age, it did take in huge sways and heaped up double helping fulls of over two thirds of my life.
It was totally like that and dead boring besides,i near wore my eyeballs out just staring out of the classroom window.
It did seem later as i grew an avid interest in girls ,i were to put no finer point to it near half blind.

Upon deep reflection upon it now,it did seem the education system and secondary schooling kept  ticking along quite well in those far off days while stamping passed the grade, ignorance on boys heads as they left it.
It took quite a few months ,and years of work and study to wear-out and rub that darn mark off my head that`s for sure.

The real tragidy is most never realised it to be there.

Much later i would learn in higher education,
 "why write one word when six would sound much better."

Charley Arrives

Meet Charley Moonshine,a gentle soul,who`s jet black barge `The Belinda`,had turned the sweeping bend in the river where the reeds rustled upon the days 5 o clock breeze, and which were a good foot taller than the tallest man in  ho oo scale.                                                                                                                                            
He had ended up here along this well trodden pathway leading south from the east,with his two well kept Horses `Heddi & Neddy `,and no finer team with harness  laced in polished brass ever plodded the lower water tow-paths of England that`s for sure.  Upon this fine summers day his two teenage sons with well worn brushes busied themselves rubbing down those huge fine Grey Creatures,as they stood with bowed heads eating the best dried oats from their leather nose bag stationed upon the ground. The oats a certain something collected along the way for free,and only an arms length away for the gathering.   The boys gentle but thorough in their grooming activity were shirtless,and shone like new copper coins, and were of great interest to the three giggling girls upon the stone footbridge a few yards away.                                                                                                                                  

Charley approached me and we exchanged well meant greetings,and we would if we could have shock hands but him being all of 18mm high it would have been very difficult to say the least.                                                                                           
" i need barrel`s bb,for the Moonshine! and lots of e`m 2."As always he did this in a low whisper after looking about shifty eyed.  There were never Excise-Men about,it was just his careful nature.                                                                                                         
 Now Charley,was not one to get his to, two`s, or too`s right or even one to say please,but he knew darn well how to express `thank you`,in the way three barrels of Moonshine would always turn up later for  Beano Boy`s Fiddlewood Square Dance,a thing that dates all the way back to the battling days of my ancestor Snotty Nog-Bad Beano, who landed upon these shores with that B..t.rd William in 1066.        Snotty,he it was that arrived with a bent sword,
two bottle tops and a shoe string and helped  carve out what the hamlet of Fiddlewood is today.                                                                                                                                       

Concerning the Duke
"He was one."  "He was not."
                       "bb,said." _____________" i don`t care."                     

i fear they`ll never get it resolved ,anyway the one who has held the sword of England rules.
it went missing at Hastings,but i reckon it`s in the back, side room of Westminster Abbey!
Princes & Princesses swear upon it when they get wed.

"Getting back to those barrels,yes they are very small, but that annual dance is for small scale figures only and not me,for i am T total that`s for sure. "        
Let`s Get On With the Tutorial

i keep these handy to use for patterns and they split into half`s so are ideal for the two dozen Charley needs to fill up his old barge,which by the way was one of the first narrow boats built in 1803,to ferry war supplies southward to arm and feed the Brits facing up to that upstart Boney.                                                    


 Bought on E Bay,and it is re-usable modelling stuff you can use it over and over until the cows come home,that is if you have a tiny few stashed away in ho oo scale?  i put what i needed in a large bowl,and poured on boiling water. Be careful______get a child to help if you need to.

                                                     Time to Play with LEGO

Bottom Half

                                   Yes it`s pricey,but like the black stuff it`s re-usable to.

The stuff in the bowl soon softens and once spooned out is safe enough to handle and  soon i`d stuffed it tidy-like into the  Lego box smoothed it out with my thumb and palm ,and quickly pushed in the half pattern then made guide pin holes 1,2 and 3.

Please notice above i placed the patterns right up against the molding box edge. This means i can simply cast them up very easy through the side of the mold.
 All will be revealed later OK?

Also,see i used the paint bottle lid to make each guide hole?

Quickness is required before the Oyumaru starts to harden. However for tiny molds requiring little filling it is very useful. Yes indeed ,because not only is it re-usable it will not stick to it`s self,like in a two part mold. So after putting the other half barrels on top of the others,it was time to get the Lego bricks again,and build up.

                    Anyone using common sense can use this type of brick building system.

                                             Common Sense Shown Below

Leaving some bricks sticking out is helpful when taking it to bits, so it looks out when it should be in but there is sense to it because when these bricks get wet they are at times very difficult to take apart.
So  later "flip! flip" job done."_____________without any broken nails!

Before proceeding any further i placed this ,the one above,under the cold tap to completely harden the black-stuff!

                                                                       Top Half

More black stuff was heated soft ,and so it was out of the bowl and into the top half of the mold. Pressed into place this formed the guide pins and the second half of the three tiny barrels quick smart and to  my liking. Job done. The mold now complete was placed into a bowl of cold water while still on the Lego board which happens to be small enough for the kitchen bowl in the sink.

The Lego bricks did let go and soon the two part mold was opened up easy,because once one half of the mold has cooled hard,there was no need for any parting agent at all. So the heated soft stuff pressed firmly in did not,will not stick to the bottom half.

The tiny patterns popped out and there was no more need for them now,because their impression had been left soundly firm in the two part mold. The holes formed nice guide pins so the mold closed up correct every time i used it which meant perfect a-lined castings.

With the mold closed the openings are visible and it was time for that all important pour.

                 Tape was wound around the mold firmly to hold the two sides in place.

i was at that time casting up larger molds,and so the small drops needed for these did come from scraping out the pot!
However just for this.
A tiny amount of plaster was mixed and poured using the tiny end of a Yogurt Pot, when still wet and able to run.Then the mold was bumped gently up and down on my work top to get rid of trapped air and left for a couple of minutes then the top was levelled off leaving a nice clean edge.

                  10 minutes later________________the mold was opened up.

Tiny Barrels

In the story it was an old barge Charley had that floated well throughout the waterways history of the family of Moonshine,but here i was making at that time this,it is called a Mule and these were often towed behind a narrow boat  that was in turn pulled by two large horses hooked up on the tow path that ran its course the same way the water travelled .Once the trot was well on the move the boats glided slowly upon the quiet stream of water that made the canals very efficient at              transporting all kinds of goods rather than by horse drawn waggons. In it`s own special way this       transport system helped beat the French as sure as a darn good punch would have upon Boneys Nose!                                                                  

Charley Moonshine,being so pleased with the barrels left a couple of extra ones just in time for the annual Beano Boys Square Dance. One must remember over the centuries there has been many a Beano Boy,and many a square dance,followed by a few tiny sore heads upon the morrow.

It must be mentioned that to much Moonshine,could and would melt plastic,but on the bright side plumbers use it now a-days  to weld plastic pipes together.So plumbers who have lots of headaches might well be drinking the stuff.

Thanks for your visit,and if you were able to read it all,i hope it raised a smile or two.  BB


  1. It raised a smile for sure :-)
    You make it look, I´m kack handed at making molds. One question, what plaster? Dentists stuff or?

    1. Hi Paul,i`m very glad you smiled, and for the life of me i did smile away too,when i saw you counting those very odd comment mistakes. Things do to change can be a knightmare that`s for sure.
      Plaster of Paris is what i used in the tiny mold.
      Much More fun to come.
      i do have dental stuff by the bucket full, and have not used it. Perhaps i should get some false teeth and make a knew set for myself.
      A big thanks for looking in and commenting many times.
      Very Funny BB

    2. Knightmare; well after all you are a Benno Knight! BB