Saturday, 13 August 2016

Long Lost Photographs Found by BB

Things being rather hectic one day about the place, in order to make a little space i picked up a full plastic tray where all my enamel paints sat snug tight and most orderly. Sliding open a long draw i put the tray still laden down with paints into it and resting on top of other stuff the draw contained. Later i went to fetch something from that very same draw ,and yes tilting the tray up eventually to high all the paints slid off getting well and truely mixed up with so much other smallish  stuff.                  


A short while later while trying to find the small paint tin i required ,in one of the most 
untidiest drawers in the whole of England. In an odd looking brown box i discovered these small snap shots of Honey Well in as near as i can tell around 1961. As a young boy of 12 i can vividly remember why it was so special a year. Below the pictures as they were back in the day. Black and white snap shots using a Box Brownie Camera.                                                                                                                               

Mods turning up at their  highly prized Cafe.

Yes way back then MayBell, being caught on camera for the very first time.After research,it appears that MayBells are very long lived.This is 52 years before Fred,her best Pal would arrive and her adventurous life would begin.It also appears nobody  is afraid of her,because she is harmless so if you chance upon one please bear that in mind.                                                                                                         

The special thing i noticed about the date 1961,was it was an upside down year a puzzlement even. As the year is turned upside down instead of making no sense,there it still was 1961. i have always been able to remember the none important things in my life.                                                                 

                           At least the old Comic is in color and for certain is a much better read.
                                                          Thanks for the visit


  1. Tha BB 'box' and the comic are museum pieces, excellent!!

    1. They sure are Phil,and the AIRFIX Figures ,are very thin on the ground these day too, because of plastic decay.
      Now I must clean out that draw!
      Thanks for the visit and comment.BB