Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Raised Canal Embankment and Bridge presented by BB

                                                                          Edited   Version

The boats and those aboard them need a cool head for such heights as these as  the water level is very near the edge bringing the deck level  often just above the metal sides. My plan was to cast up molds and scratch-build a small canal without getting to dusty or wet.

                                                   Beginning The Metal Bridge

The Butterfly tool designed to determine a gauge of width for the raised canal system.

This length of card was the right width needed and will fit into my castings just right because they are all the same size produced by rubber molds. The Butterfly shows how the viaduct sides of only one card thickness will fit each one without any problems. It took a couple of tries before i reached the correct width needed for the canal base to simply slide into place. Much better to use small pieces of card than cutting large sections off that are to small in width or slightly to large.

Bridge Length Cut Out

These lengths were stuck onto another sheet of paper card  and heavy books were placed on top. Later each piece was cut out.

Then the first base was constructed using these sections of flat doubled up card,and a large slice of polystyrene making a  solid sandwidge which was stuck altogether with P V A Glue.
 i buy the best glue,and not the 40% more watered down stuff. The heavy books added the required weight needed to hold it down flat while the glue dried.


The glue was applied to one piece of card and the polystyrene strip and left for 10 minutes to dry out a bit.

lighter books were used as the two pieces were stuck together,and left for a couple of hours then the other strip of card was  stuck in the same way onto the other side of the poly base.
i left this over night with the books on top.This makes sure that it will be without a bow.

Eventually it was checked for square and each side was spot on and most upright in structure.

 It looked good so i was well pleased and so it was ever onward with the work and two side lengths that make up this bridge section were measured and cut out.

Two side pieces were stuck on thus making darn sure no bow could or would  occur later. Other base sections have also been  made up.

Metal Brackets

With the sides on it was time to mark out a few back to back brackets for each metal section and for simple rivet`s i used dress makers pins which were pushed through the card,cut to length and stuck into place.
i will show where these were stuck later.

Arched viaduct sections will be dealt with later.

Above is the mediocre result of the last time i did water effect a couple of years or so ago on the pond just outside the back of Hougoumont.

                                        A Simple Set Up of Castings Needed For The Bridge

                                                             Homemade stone work.
                                                              Things are beginning to take shape.

The ironwork brackets are all fixed into place. i used lots of pins as rivets placed for extra detail.

Making up the embankments that are held  in place by supporting walls.

 Seen in the crude rough.

The white glow of the supporting embankments were all scraped and shaped into a good roughend sloop,and i resorted in using my trusty craft-knife having miss-laid my little tiny wire brush. it is often a puzzlement how what little tools of crafting i have for this that or whatever, like to play hide and seek,at an important time of my needing them.
Two coats of dark brown emulsion was stippled on making sure no white specks were showing that the cameras eye would be sure to pick out.

Well worth a mention is my period piece Victorian and Edwardian figure collection ,
which i have plans to eventually use by Andrew Stadden.   The shop is not on E Bay,but just Google his name and you should find his shop. i highly recommend his work,because it is high quality the proof is below.   All the trimming is done before being sent out,so it`s wash dry and painting fun.                                                                                                                                   

The Next Part

                           As elements were brought into play a much clearer picture appeared.

Nothing to complicated for me,just a reverse color scheme  dark base brighter rambling`s on top.

Next Step Making the Water Reservoir

                           Showing the base,the pathway,the water reservoir,and narrow boat.

                                             Polystyrene strips cut to size and length.

i only need one strip to define the bottom of this raised canal waterway.The top one i`ve placed to show the depth of the planned water effect pour, 4 - 5 mm which will raise the narrow-boat.
The narrow boat made of styrene sheet and paper card. Although not as yet complete it is serving well as pattern to set out the glide of the Honey Well Waterway.

          The Pathway and Water Reservoir Are Complete.                    

                Getting Near The End Now                    
                                               POURING SOON                                                      


i have been doing several test samples of the type of water effect i want in the canal and i decided i do not want still water i want movement,but not super fast flowing water. i want to capture shadows and have reflected light upon ripples. Being quite the dunce at water effects here is one sample that has had three layers of MOD PODGE applied to it.  A couple more to get it just right. 
Facsimile of  the Water Reservoir 

Sample river sections are ongoing in order to gain experience, as up until now i have none.

These will also include the river banks.


                                                      These are the colors to blend in.

                          Each is a foot long,so this is a learning curb for me to be sure.
A small sized strip of card has been cut from the tiny sized cardboard. One side has been carefully stripped away the other left as it is,and it is this flat side that will be fixed in place. Thus providing a good support to the river bank.                                                                                                                                                         


         It will be glued in place along the straight bank. The other will be quite overgrown with stuff.                                                                              

Before this is put in place it will be painted in black  enamel paint. 


                                                       In part paint blended  in on B
                                  i`ll show the results later after a few MOD PODGE Days.

                                                              Thanks for looking          BB                                      

Well it was slow in coming,but this bridged canal water way has been finally finished.

i used the cheapest brush a going,and not one single hair fell out during the process. 

The Duck Feet Stippling,see the brush looks like a Ducks foot. This created some great looking results and it dried hard overnight.

This is the stuff i used to make water movement in the reservoir by applying a thin coat,then DUCKLING it all over. Job done but as you will see far from being dusted.Inspite of the high humidity causing problems with drying out time,i hope you all like how it turned out.

 The two Official Inspectors,are well pleased to see water under O`ll Georges Narrow Boat for the very first time.

i had worried so about getting the water right,and in the end this first stretch  was no harder than taking the lid off the MOD PODGE!

It`s been quite a learning curb all the way,and lessons learnt will hold me in good stead in the future as more work planned since April of this year move ahead

                                     Thanks for taking time out to look at my stuff. BB


                                                       "i sure could use Remco`s Boat!"


  1. Just wonderful, so many details! A creative and very nice job...

    1. Thanks Phil, two more samples to apply HODGE PODGE to then hopefully a Home-Run. It has been a long haul producing stuff from scratch and the water has to be spot on because i only get one chance at this. Always good to receive comments. BB

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much John,
      i feel most confident to proceed to the next level now with the result of the water sample coming in as i wanted it.
      Greetings from the leafy green of Fiddle Wood, Norwich. BB