Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Some Results from using OYUMARU presented by BB

Once Upon a Time i Bought The Oyumaru Re-Usable Modeling Compound

That was over two years ago. So here are a few results from using it.


Making The Obelix Quarry

"There has got to be a quicker way to make them Obelix."
"There is Asterix i`m making BB a couple of Patterns."

The Secret Kitchen Foil Site Hidden in The Forest

                                   PAULUS The Little Wood Gnome at Home in Play

A learning curb ______i learnt how to make much better rocks since then

Making The Shield

 i was lucky to obtain the shield with the star upon it,and as can be seen the Chieftain  is carried on it.

    As i had more than one Chieftain______________a simple press in mold was made.                  



                "Steady Men,steady."_____________Quality Control,yes another passes the grade!

                                                               The LEGO Monkey


                                     Shows only one half of the mold due to lost picture.



                                Rubber Stamp Press In Molds____________cast up!


                                                                  A Three Part Mold

                                                          One hops onto the bottom

The other hops on too

                                           The completed mold ready for casting

                        A nice clean casting which can be used in many periods of history

                                                              A Few More

                                                             Easy to paint

                             For the smaller ones required the mold was not completely cast up

                                                         The Pattern is in the middle

                                                                28mm Metal Soldiers

                                                               The Garden Sailor
  He normally lives in the garden where he`e happy stuck into a flower pot near old George. Bought years ago from WOOLWORTH'S,here in Norwich he is now on the rare list of garden ornaments . So i did a playful thing , and cast a few up as a novelty project,____ a something that can tone ones skills.

                      Old George                                        Unknown                           




          i thought a cartoon style WWI navel gun crew  stationed on a shore battery.
            Or a British Sub HMS  BEANO ,entering port  after sea trials

                                               PLAYMOBIL TOYS USED
                                          Egyptian  Props for Story Telling

                                  Slight Damage,but suited my needs for 4.500 year old stuff.

Castings Drying Out Below


                                                              THE ANCIENT GALLERY

                                             A Fred and MayBell Adventure

That`s all for Now _________Thank You For Looking                    BB


  1. Great skills, BB. Might have to see if I can find some of that near me.


    1. Hi Prufrock, if i have great skills they are ones borne from awkwardness coupled with determination to do much better next time. One could say my castings are borne from the dust that made them. (There is plenty of the stuff on E Bay.) Thank you for taking time out to visit and comment. BB

  2. oh, You made fantastic things!
    best wishes.

    1. Hi Michal, thank you for your visit and nice comment.
      Greetings from Sunny Fiddlewood Norwich UK. BB

  3. Cool report again, love your self made items, even Menhirs...
    Always a pleasure to watch your work!
    Keep up the good work my friend.

    1. Hi Remco,always good to realize when you visit this little dusty place of mine.Thanks for your encouraging comment my friend.Greetings from sunny Fiddlewood Norwich, where the Great Tits and Blue Tits along with Black Birds and Robin own this little garden,and looking through my window while typing this the newly fledged,Mistle-Thrushes, birds.All four of them are bathing in the stream that feeds the large pond. BB

  4. You never fail to amaze me BB, I sometimes Stumble my way through my hobby without ever having an original idea! You certainly don't! I'm always impressed with your projects and posts. Thanks BB your blog is a gold mine as is your knowledge

    1. Hi Russ,i am quite one to amaze others i must confess,and Mrs B,is always amazed by my over thinking projects and the mound of mess they make.i tend to leave some unfinished due to struggling with black dog P T S D,but i always get back to them eventually with more fresh ideas on how they should turn out. Thank you Russ,for your many visits to my space and nice comments. Greetings from the fresh sown fields of Fiddlewood,borne from an over active imagination.BB