Friday, 2 September 2016

Demo of home-made static grass applicator

                                                     SAFETY  ISSUE!

When using these things the  electricity needs discharging after use even if you have turned it off.
This is easily done by touching the pin or nail you`ve used with the applicator tea strainer. You will see the electric spark as the electricity discharges,and it`s then safe to handle in way of packing it away in its box!
i discovered this at my own cost,when i myself had turned my applicator off ,then picked it up again and got quite a shock!____Yip, it was quite a Whack!
i`m surprised there is no warning on video`s. Perhaps there might be i aint watched that many.  BB


  1. Is odd there´s no safety warnings anywhere..even from People who have made thier own using those new fangled electric fly swats.

    1. As a guy into safety issues yourself Paul,it`s good of you to comment in the way you have.
      By posting this topic i felt a warning should be in place.BB