Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Easy Granite Sets an Oddity Presented by BB

i went shopping with Mrs B,and bought a few needful things of interest. 

                 i already have this set in the toy collection but some of these are for painting.

i bought a couple of cutting boards as mine have been well sliced and pecked away over the years. i also bought the none slip matting on which the board will be sat snug tight and making it in turn non slip as i cut away to my hearts content quite safely.

 Modellers  are the ultimate scavengers,and so i am no rare exception in this lively occupation of looking at things that can have other uses. it helps to be a little bit mad.
So above we have the cheap candle holder iron cage which i will use within an overgrown jungle setting later that is if the mood of doing so is still there within my fancy. It might end up swinging in the garden while going rustic rusty a look i like.i must add it is not a look liked by my Mrs B,but one cannot please others all of the time.However saying that one must always try to please in a helpful way.

So with that in mind i wish to show how looking oddly at this large rubber matting an idea dawned upon my over active mind.

The more i looked upon it the item of rubber,the more i thought such an idea might certainly work.

Not to be one to buy small,i bought big,and for just under £5.00 i have a massive amount that will stretch out on several of my large work table if there is a need to do so. However back to my idea on how to use it to create Granite Sets for streets, pathways and old lanes between terraced houses.

i therefore decided upon making the small sample section below.

A tiny piece of polystyrene was coated with p v a glue which i also applied to the rubber matting,and i left both to go tacky!

i also gave another piece of rubber matting a thin coating,because i saw no need to glob it on. i also let this dry out  a bit until it was also tacky! In affect by doing so the waiting would payoff big time because the glue would act like contact glue.

And so it was that the second piece simply laid on top of the bottom one went perfectly guided into place needing no modelling skill whatsoever !

                                                       It was as simple as simplicity  does!

                                           The small sample was put into place.

Then weighted down_________________two books would have done the trick,but over thinking overkill was upon my mind where this first sample was concerned. It was left around about 8 hours.

Then the heavy books were removed.  i then allowed three hours before taking this picture because the rubber being somewhat flat needed time to inflate again before considering painting.

                                            (It is black paint under my thumb nail )

            It looks the full ticket to me,and so the sample was and is a successful enterprise.i have a small service  road to place on my canal project and it was that which prompted the use of this simple but effective method.

i have no intention on showing painting here  for i am quite naff at such things.

Emulsion Black Paint,which will be dry brushed with White Emulsion,which will make them all grey.

i hope for the many this could be a great help, as i have discovered  it requires very little skill at all.      No need for clay,so no scribing out to do.                                                                       

                              A Problem Solved,because i went Shopping with Mrs B.    


  1. Great helpful work report. Thank You!

  2. The pic with the Livetock...I hope the two rabbits are having a nap in the sun and not un-livestock :-/

    1. PS..I´ve used anti-skid matting (the sort that is put under carpets that lay on shiny floors) cut into strips as wattle type fencing.

    2. Hi Paul,i`m sure the Bunnies will be fine napping in the sunshine,that is to shine upon them when i open up the box.
      i prefer to buy my tiny animals rather than getting side tracked in silly down sizing projects that rob artists of their work and livelihood.i just see it as another nail banged into the coffin of industry producing fine products at an affordable price. Thanks for commenting. BB

  3. Lets face it Paul,we are problem solvers who like to share with others the outcome of such adventures. BB

  4. Your giving me plenty of ideas BB! I just need to get the time to give them a go. You certainly have a wonderful way of seeing things! I do feel that at times I lack imagination! So it's always nice when someone gives it a jumpstart.

    1. Russ,i`m afraid i am cursed at times with an analytical mind.
      i must solve problems as i see them.it is no big deal really it just means i have a prolific imagination especially where writing is concerned.
      Thanks for commenting it helps keep me up to spec.BB

  5. Creative once again...very nice!

    1. Thank you Phil,
      for stopping by and commenting.
      i know my weakness is in developing painting style,but hopefully for many who see this topic helpful in the hobby can create figure,and street bases far finer than i ever could,and for me that is my fine reward.
      To communicate and pass practicable info-stuff on was and still is why i started this steponejust4fun.blog!
      See it the Title now makes complete sense.
      Greetings from a happy BB