Thursday, 22 September 2016

Lump Wood Carbon by BB

Bought to make Gunpowder

It was the third slow mix of the day when_______BOOM!                                                     
The roof of the house went up so fast it is now drifting in deep space toward Mars,and NASA, has already released pictures via Hubble of this strange spacecraft.                                                      

So with two lorry loads of bubble wrap now wound around and fixed tight with best sticky tape over the spaced out ruins where there was once our roof,i  thought to do a little something far less ear shattering.                                                                                                                                                 

i had had forethought enough to save some lumps of carbon,for a Petrified  Forest.
i had seen one long ago in the middle of a desert. 

And so it was i made a start.

As i washed it,then let it dry,and after dry brushed it ,i thought i`d use some dry sand to help set the scene.__________________It would be something that i would regret doing.

Of course everything i do must have a theme,and this time a Sci - fi Story i was thinking,but writers block descended upon my fancy,blanking it out. i was lost as to what i should write about.

So with the scene set________________there still was no story.   Then a something unnerving began to happen. The sand was moving as if something was underneath it. Crazy i thought. Looking again it was as still as a shut up tight breeze in a suitcase would be,and i sighed  with relief putting it down to my tiredness,and over imagination,but as i smiled with that welcomed relief,it began to move again,and in more than one place.
This cannot be real,i thought,but just to check i called Mrs B,to " Please can you come and look?" i explained what i had done,and had seen. Picking up the yogurt pot that had more dry sand parked away safe from tipping over she began to pour it out slowly over that scene until the last piece of glass emptied from it. We both eyed the petrified forest,with Mrs B,quite cool,and me quite petrified stiff with fear,as the movement returned. i managed to utter ,stutter," i bet its,in-in- infested with some ki-kind of Sp-Spider!"__"Don`t be silly BB,How could it be?  It`s just dry sand settling,that`s all.
And so it was that Mrs B,returned to her TV program in the kitchen. Leaving me quite scared enough to shake off me summer sandals.

                                        Then one appeared as if hungry  for a feed.

Another scurried across the work table and dived headlong into the sand as if it were deep water.
In a mere jiffy it had vanished faster than a hungry man could eat his dinner.
With a Pitter ,Patter,Whoosh!Wriggle! It had disappeared beneath the sand,and i thought _________________________Aliens.

               Two more appeared,and seemed to be eyeing me up for quick snack! Gulp! That makes four.

          How will all this end? Well i don`t know i have Writers  Blank! BB

                                                    i Bet Fred Will Know


You might get black faced shorting it out but this carbon has no diesel oil additive added to flame a stinky smoke upwards. It is charcoal  plain but far from being simple in its many uses.      

You can cook a burger upon it,or even melt metal using it,or simply wash it and let it dry,and then dry brush it.
Info: WOODLAND SCENICS,use lumps of coal to make their moulds. There is no coal about these parts of Norwich today__________so i thought i`d buy A LUCK DIP BAG of CHARCOAL!
It is very light and can be used for rocks or even a Pattern for a simple rubber mould.

In my fancy this is a perfect tree that has been turned into stone.Sci-Fi & Fantasy? Most Certainly.

Pieces i processed earlier above.

i wonder what else might well be in this stash?



  1. Oooooooooooooooh, excellent!

    1. i had lots of fun writing this Phil.
      Thanks for taking time out to visit read and comment. BB