Monday, 5 September 2016

Mr Triggles Boathouse by BB

A friend on Benno`s Figure Forum, suggested i take my water sample outside so the sky can better reflect upon them,and i took this kind comment in the spirit it was given. Fellowship between modelers. Although the day was somewhat overcast it saw Mrs B,and myself outside in the garden taking shots of a sample river and a few dusty boats. As i am now working on the Houseboat belonging to Mr Triggles,i thought to plunk it on top of the water effect that incidentally is only 1mm thick.

So just for now the river is resting upon the wheelie bin outside in the garden,and yes the boathouse in question is doing a spot of floating about as indeed are a few old boats that are glad of the break from sitting upon a dusty shelf. This section of river is for the Girder Bridge topic.

So Mrs B,brought out those boats and was taking photo`s too. I guess it was being outside and having fun playing with boats that appealed  to her,and yes it was kinda fun,while doing it.

The old corrugated  iron boathouse is an oddball conception i dreamt  up after seeing one on the Norfolk Broads,and so mine has a thatched roof on top of Anderson Shelter parts from 1938 .

Someone has left the tired looking double doors ajar,and yes you can see water but this end will be sunk into a base and the bottom of those doors will be just above ground level. As the doors are open in such a determined fashion lets take a peek inside,because there`s no telling what the cameras eye might pick out.

The water effect looks ok,as does the 1938 issue of Anderson Air Raid Shelter Parts.

Although rather long sized for the boathouse this narrowboat is just leaving to cruise upon this small stretch of river. So the tiny boathouse has a rather magical aspect to it,and there are more to it then does meet the average eye.

This is looking through the structure from the river front where the River Wensum`s water slowly glides past the remains of these ancient medieval stones. That  however is a penned story for another time.

 The differing depth of the water effect i am pleased with however when the sun shines  upon our garden again i`ll nip out to see how a blue sky might well reflect upon it.

i myself, it must be added,am much more interested in dark shadows reflecting off  the water effects rather than still water mirror images like dear Alice, stepped through into Wonderland.

Thanks for taking a look. BB


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    1. Well thank you Michal,that`s nice of you to comment.
      i`m very Pleased to see that you often visit too. BB

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    1. Thank you Phil.
      i am planning to work upon the base that the boathouse will sit into,and it has quite a wide stretch of river running through it. Very glad you liked it. As with nearly everything i do there are story aspects that run along through the work as does the river itself. Thanks Again BB