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The River Project & Modern Times by BB

          Today 15th  September 2016                                  

It was for me a normal day that started with a squinted eye ,wide armed stretched out yawn!Then fumbling a way through my stuff beside the bed,i shock the small oblong box.Yes there`s one left inside,and so finding my gas lighter i finally flicked a light up of my first fag of the day. Of course i did so as if my very life depended upon it taking deep inhaled lung fulls of nicotine enriched smoke. After a few of these deep drags,my mind reasoned with the rest of the departments in my head,that i`d nodded off to sleep again,for i have not smoked for well over 22 years,and long gone is that thick winter coat i used to wear upon my tongue.                                                                                                                
Been there and done that comes to mind.                                                                                                              
When i Began The Project Last Year

It was upon this day 23rd of March 2015  that i began to pen away in my own fashion The Tales of The Triggles,and in those days i now write of near on every man with deep over active lungs smoked away as if each were passing puffer trains and few thought very little of it.                                                                                                                              
Modern Times

The shed built by Mr Triggles Grand Father still stood a standing and a leaning in his day. His present day being the June of 1940,and he being a rather forgetful  Mr Triggles, had thought the old shed to be his boathouse and that some so and so,had ,had a steal away of his boat.                                                                                                                                             
 Of course it was proved by common sense not to be the case,and that being so where on earth in 1940 was his highly prized boat? Much more to the point where indeed was his boathouse,for such a splendid craft had dire need of one?     Thinking so of all this at the time,i thought i`d make a brave start at making one, a boathouse that is.   Then his boat,but a boathouse needs a river as does a boat,and a river, a base with banks,buildings and bushes and tree`s,and so on. One step at a time i eased my way into formulating many a plan that was roughly drawn out ,one of which will be shown here.                                                                                                                                                         

  As Old Jack returned to his garden gate,Mrs Triggles, was rather perplexed and waving in a hurried sort of way what appeared to be a large cotton T Towel. Shouting out from the door step she declared. " Hurry Up Jack! They are overhead."____ Mr Triggles, Jack to his friends looked up at the black formations passing overhead,and he muttered." Blasted Modern Times!" _____ "Come on Jack.Get a move on to the Shelter!" Mrs Triggles,better known as Bess, sounded out near as loud as the air raid siren.                                                                                                                                                        

As they settled down to what comfort their Anderson Shelter afforded them.                                     
The sound of the Ack Ack Batteries five miles away defending St Faiths Airfield, could be heard in the distance along with the thud, thud, thud, of the first stick of  bombs to fall. Both their minds were upon those young girls that now helped serve the guns defending England, their  England. 
  Yes,as i dwell upon these first few lines ,i soon realised  `Modern Times', had fallen upon the paper and slap bang into this topic too.     Now Old Jack was a Red White & Blue Union Man,although he never would fly it over his own house,but others more common then him did,and he and Bess,expected it.After all it was the done thing to do along with Bunting caught upon the open breeze of understanding on certain days.

It was in 1938 that saw the nation being given Anderson Shelters,and the Triggles were the first to have theirs installed in a hush! hush! manor. Within the Cabbage Patch. A large patch that is where there stood footings of a  once great and powerful stronghold,a Castle Keep that once protected the settlements down river . It was a round tower of sharp dark flint dressed out in limestone,that stretched out the links of a heavy iron chain that lay upon the river bed most days,but that could well be raised up as a boom to prevent long ships from going up river to attack Norwich.  Such was the fear of The Norse Men.                                                                                                                        
It was first built by the Saxons, but destroyed by the Normans,and left dilapidated in moss covered decay.All that remained of this tumble down place close to the fast flow of the river were its footings solid and thick heavy in flint sunk deep into the damp ground,but those footings traced out and filled long before would serve the Triggles well,for it was there the shaft was dug leading down from their Anderson Shelter,where strange corridors then splintered off from it to the left and right,and all were decked out in flickering light bulbs that hung from a long thick electric cable encased in black matt rubber that resembled a sagging  garland  that hung from the chalk walls.                                        
 The shelter itself only a facade, a falsehood wink  of strategic deceit, for far below it pointing arrows painted upon wooden boards directed ones attention to  places at the far end of each tunnelled out chalk workings. There were rooms cut deep into the chalk sides of these strange corridors. Kitchens,Canteens, decked out in long rows of tables benches and chairs,and  others were labelled,First Aid Surgery,Operating Theatres ,Wards and others along the way  Sleeping Quarters,and Stores. Throughout each stretch the noise of air conditioning units and the draft of filtered air caught one around the collar of the neck in such an uncertain chill.                                                                     

 Their entrance already seen was doubly protected by a blast wall, and a triple thud sounding wall of heavy sand bags lined  the  vastness inside as the sloping shaft descended.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
With good deployed intention this part of the old cabbage patch soon became overgrown with the wild blackberry bushes that now thrived in this area,and which crept and weaved and tangled and bramble`d their prickly pointed ways everywhere as if to demonstrate this to be the fortress it had  been long before.                                                                                                                                     
Perhaps for some in a strategic sense of justified deceit thought it still was.                                          

Soon this hidden place that pointed the way to well known city places would start to fill up,
and one thing for certain in this nation of shop keepers gone to war                                                        
is there is more to Mr & Mrs Triggles, than first meets the eye?                                                                                                                     
To Be Continued


The River Project

With the Boathouse made,a base began to widen out in its own form as to allow for a waterway and  dry land,and it must be said of me,i not at all in my comfort zone,but hobbies where borne to self educate the lone working masses that buy time out from other things in life to do them. 
i listen to the tv more than indeed watch that large oblong colorful thing bolted to the wall.                   
A Slight Change Was Realized While Painting The River Bed

I like to use a tiny cheap brush on the river bed,because it is finer leaving no brush marks like my rather stiff larger brushes. Much more to my point of view these brushes that Mrs B,bought me cost 16p and the bristles do not fall out which i find quite remarkable.

                       The area marked out for a large sway of Reed Bed, is set to be sliced away.

And it soon is. To the right the inlet from the river is where Mr Triggles, houseboat will settle down comfy like into as if it  has been there since the year dot,dash, dot!     As for his boat that will come along later.                                                                                                                                            

Everything Starts With A Quick Sketch 

Behind the boathouse a yard well set out in odd concrete places will afford a special working space for boat repairs and maintenance duties to be carried out. There is a plan scribbled at present below of showing part of a system of picking a boat out of the water inside the boathouse ,and via a long iron rail ease it daisy-like out into the yard through the double doors of this place.

The little 20mm Fellow was drawn to scale as is the girder supporting structure as well.He is saying Hi There,to all you guys who have eyes of interest!

The knife marks the spot where the girder structure will stretch out that long overhead service rail.

The service rail with a hoist will  be fixed in the center of the roof curve,and will run directly through the cutout in the arch below.

     The inside of the boathouse seen from the river front,and those double doors are wide open.                                                     
An inside view looking  out  on  the  passing boats.      

The supportive edge has been glued into place,and where the cutout was sliced out for swaying reeds,it and the river beyond have been part painted.

                                                              HO OO SCALE

 This stretch of river in his scale is 144 foot long and  48 foot across at its widest point,and 36 foot wide off to the right.Although the river bed has been painted no water from the sluice gates upstream have not been released as yet. It will be 12 to 15 foot deep in places so well fit for larger boats to plot a course along.

Often my little friends Fred & MayBell take a wonder around my building sites,and in some cases actually project manage them in a mad cap sci fi way.  So they are often seen to help out,but more often seem to complicate the obvious  things but they mean well,and here they are minding the little fellows steps. He seems very interested in the ongoing work.

                                              Slightly Raising The Top Along The River Bank

Simple is as Simple Does. Easily to work at ease,for there is no dire need of hast. The clock will never run out of ticks after all,or the heavens out of days.

          Kiln Dried Sand, store bought just for modelling the riverside.

A Good Dressing of glue then sand just to bring it up to speck.

It will soon dry out solid and the heaps brushed away for a ready use on other spots of play.

The work of infilling along the river bank is soon done,and it was as quick as a splodge of glue and a pour of glassy sand to every half inch length. That`s around 3 foot in the old fellows scale. In reality men use huge machines to do such riverside work,all i need is an old worn in brush and an empty yogurt pot to drill and spill out such a golden trail.

The Trees are from my Toy Collection!

The  little fellow pops out again from his tiny cottage and is upon his shuffling way again.
Perhaps to the Bus Stop and a day trip to the City?

More To Come Later     BB

At long last i found time to Asphalt the road. The board seems a patch work of odd shapes and sizes,but each one is mapped out for purpose. i designed the cut out sections in order to scratch build stuff from other periods of time. The future as well as the past in order to develop more fully the story line of this odd place. Those will be in metaphoric terms in `Modern Times' an important part of the Title.Well at least for me that is.                                                                                                           
 So like a Giant Jigsaw Puzzle differing pieces will simply slot into perfect place in order to ring out the, `Staves of Change', as do the bells of the medieval church to be added later.                                

 Of course each extra piece and what it will eventually look like is Highly Top Secret & Sealed Up,until later. Mr & Mrs Triggles Boathouse,will slot in that smaller place as we all all know.                                                                     
The Work

Not being impressed by the stuff on a roll in the Toy Shop,i opted to use  that which i had left over from Mr Glad Grimes flat factory roof. i brushed a thin layer of white wood glue  onto the area  concerned, and let it go tacky,then added another layer of the same glue. i left this for 10 minutes or so while it settled out into place,and then fine sprinkled by hand the black coal substance made by Hornby. The make up of this is slightly larger than my dry sand,and will be perfect for the look i want to this old road of 1940 type.  Later after all is in place and dried out it will be dry brushed  with the slightest hint of paint.  There will be no pathways added so the hard rough roadway will just have grass verges either side of it.                                                                                                                        

After the first fine sprinkle of black stuff was upon the glue,i added more by hand,then much more than i needed to actually stick in place. Taking my time,and not just dumping it on. i let the glue dry out a bit,before placing carefully the cake topping so to speak. This ment  the glue did not move out of place creating odd looking black waves. Finally the weight of  adding more on top forced the stuff well into the wet glue and was reinforced by the tacky layer underneath. The heavy HODGE PUDGE was used to roll it out lightly after an hour or so had passed. The dry stuff was brushed off the top the next day and carefully placed back in a container   ready for use on the second stage of the work.

i could have left it on top and then drip dropped dipped all over it with watered down wood glue,with a couple of drops of washing up liquid added to it. Once mixed in ,and dripped on top this would have broken the surface area avoiding bubble forming run off. It would have just soaked into the road bed in capillary action,and in time would have dried hard as granite. However it takes lots of time to dry and can cause the base to bend and oddly warp out of shape. Been There and Done That.

So i chose a safer and much cheaper method.  OK?

                             Chugging upon site,the Steam Rollers arrive to help out.

"Start Rolling from over there."______________"Right you are Gove!"

                                       From The Diecast Collection  of "Days Gone Past."

    They will roll this stretch of road out,as more is added to the end edge of this base.

They do the work surprisingly well. The second stage of the Asphalting has taken it to the edge of the base,and to the far left that section will be well done and dry dusted next.

        Team Work with the AIRFIX Crew, which makes for a MAGIC  PLAYTIME!

 Still another days work to complete the work. So hope to see you guys later. BB


Modern Times

It is still 1940 the 5th of September,and Mr Triggles was endeavouring as always to read the daily newspapers. Well at least the headline news of the day that is. All the papers had been delivered as was the practice of each passing day of newsprint,and once each page had been carefully ironed out fresh,each copy was stacked neatly in an ordily pile beside the large chair Old Jack always sat in. He was rather small for that huge chair that`s for certain,but supported by Mrs Triggles,Bess to her friends,he fitted it the best as he could since his older Brother left for foreign climes. 

"Tut! Tut! Tut!" He muttered out in a most curious manor of stutter,as his eyes 
 scanned the front page of The Daily Telegraugh`, which read, `Hitler, Vows Revenge Upon London For The Bombing Raid On Berlin.` 

( The air-war was about to turn in favour of the RAF,but few realised it at the time.)

The new long awaited for asphalt was being laid upon the last stretch of road outside,and in plain view of Jacks window as he shuffled his way to it while still holding the newspaper outstretched   from both hands. As he peered over the top he could see how hard the work was being carried out. 
He was certainly very glad that he had never ever had the need to work so hard as those grafting men outside.Men who busied themselves toiling in the heat of that day on his private road.                                    

i realise Jack is ready for it,but are the British People and their Allies ? Allies,who are about to buckle up into a fighter plane and take part in this Great Air Battle!

         Sure as Bee`s make Honey and Spuds make Chips ,and i make riddles.
         Within  Jacks Place deep underground it was full up and they were all ready for it.

To Be Continued

The River Project

Far below the asphalt roadway has been laid. It is an odd affair flanked  by a boyish charm for toys,but there are certain somethings that might not readily meet the eye,for dotted around are workers tidying up and being informed by the top man in charge, that everything must look old and worn out,and not easy to spot from the air as being new at all."Remember men? We want no rain of bombs to fall  here for this place is a tinderbox.One spark and old union Jack,Triggles will sure to fall,And me along with him." _____ "Yes Sir,they all replied. "                                                                                               

The Work in Hand to Do

It is time to clean up with finishing touches to the river itself,before blobbing that first shot of Hodge Podge on. Then some loose fitting plants need some thrashing out with ideas,and i only hope they will fit in and look like plant life on this planet,and not that one Fred originated from.

It does seem today is for complicated thoughts a plenty that do run spinning through my head as if they are being chased around by a Lion & Unicorn. Of course stone ones that is.

"i must get my man Friday, to put some paint upon these old near worn out doors" The Top Man muttered to himself,but that order directly from him will have to wait. He`s off to smoke a very large cigar indeed,and sip the finest French Brandy,which he will cross swirl  around a very fat wide open glass.A fine cigar,best Brandy and perhaps Dundee Cake from Portland & Masons.This guy is not in need of anything,but wants plenty of things that is for sure.

And so we leave the quite riverside scene in the hope of returning later for other updates.



The First Coat of Water Effect was Applied

                                                                    HODGE PODGE

         It only took 15 minutes to paint it on thinly and then stipple it with my small cheap brush.



                                                          The Lion & The Unicorn
                                                                      But First
                                                              Applying a Wash

 Lots of work has been done in layering the water effect,and with the glossy glue being very thin. it makes no difference when such a wash is applied before or after water effects have gone on.
There will be another level of white glue stippled into place later.

Remember this? It is the Base of old union Jack`s  boathouse,which has received the same wash which shows the high-water mark of the river,as it twists and turns in the war torn year of 1940.

i  started work on the stone statues of the Lion & The Unicorn,these are pieces that both Mrs & Mrs Triggles insisted upon being in the theme,of `Modern Times'. So i have to obey.
The figures in question were shown in the second from last posting,
 if there is interest in what they once looked like.

Yes it`s is a pin,that needs a touch more work  twisted into place upon it.
They will each in turn need a stone base a something not designed in my fancy yet.

It is fast approaching that part in the work when that metal tea strainer comes into electric play and static grass springs up without even one tiny seed being ever sowed. i will be entering into the unknown side of the hobby. Where being  being out of my comfit zone is concerned.
                                               Anything Can Therefore Happen

                                                          To Be Continued
                                          Please Call Again i am in Most Days



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