Sunday, 20 November 2016


I was 8 years old when I first saw them on a very tiny TV Screen. They were in cartoon form and the picture was more snowy in those days then clear. I along with most upon the avenue where we all lived and played had a very poor up bringing but thought little of it then in our ignorance.                 
 Most certainly there was no money for toy figures growing up in those post war years.                        

So I thought what if I could collect what I`d seen then,but how?                                                   
Well first of all I must focus on that timeline!  Then on my imagination of play.                                                                                  
So it was in 1957 that they all went through the same mirror as did Alice,                                        
in ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.                                                                                

       That mirror was afixed upon the wall by brass screws  that held it tight                                                         above an ornate Victorian cast iron Fire Place.                                                                                    

But what figures are they? It would be nearly 60 years into the future that we can all find that out.
One must be patient after all it is only time,in a time passing sort of way.

                                                                     "Where are we?"

Yes they finally arrived slap dazzling bang in the middle of my Sci-Fi Fantasy table .
I hope you like them. I sure do.   BB

Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Matilda Tank By BB

The Matilda on a railway bogie.

 They were captured and put to use by the Germans in the constant slog of desert warfare.

A turret-less Matilda, converted by the Germans in the desert war. It was a war of repairing scrap and all sides were employed in it.

The recapture of a British Matilda, captured previously by the Germans somewhere in North Africa 1942. The German facing the camera seems to be smiling perhaps he realized he had survived it all.

Camouflage in the factory dressing up a tank to look like a truck.

                                       I personally always like the look of this tank.

                                                              SHORT LIVED
                                                            THE    U. S. S. R

                              Regards from the girls who painted the tanks at the factory.

                                      The Matilda Tank used by the Russians in 1942.

A Matilda tank upside down in the snow a poor quality picture but one I just had to include.
There is another likewise in the same position in the snow. Perhaps they fell from a moving train?

This caught my imagination good and proper and so onward went the search for more photographs  of that time period. It must be mentioned that the Matilda Tank was not at all liked by those soldiers who served time in using them,but Russia,needed arms badly and Britain diverted these tanks to help the Russians combat the Germans at that time. Britain was still engaged in a slogging match fighting the Germans and Italian forces in North Africa when the decisions  were made to load ships up with vital war supplies for an Allie few put trust in. It was a hard call for the British Government to make,and much of  the information of those days and decisions made are still under raps in Official Secrets sealed up tight.
The great loss involving merchant shipping and fighting ships and the men who served on them was an icy reality! Very few survived from sinking`s caused by German U Boats, Surface ships and  Aircraft attacks. Many a Convoy never overly protected even though U boats had been tracked via the ongoing British Secret Programme ULTRA! That remained secret until 1975.

So here is a Russian train being unloaded and the Matilda`s would be very sort lived. Britain and Allies from her Commonwealth could have used these in the desert war that`s for sure. Another sure thing was that these tanks were never designed for winter warfare in Russia. They constantly broke down,but soldiers serve with the arms given them and they had no say upon such matters.

                                                        A RUSSIAN TRAIN

    The unloading captured in pictures for the benefit of others playing the propaganda war.

                                                                Moving forward

   A hurried snap taken captures this moment in time. It appears that they are under heavy enemy fire.

 The Matilda,was designed as an infantry support tank and the Russians certainly used it as such.
So as these frozen in time pictures show the Russian advance i  draw this item to a close. BB