Wednesday, 16 November 2016



  1. ..and you break all the molds afterwards!!? A trick (I used to do some of that fancy decorative plasterwork, lightfitting roses, cornices etc)and they were made from molds. When the plaster is in the mold and still wet, we added a layer of crepe Bandage to the back..pressed lightly into the top layer of the plaster. When dry, even if the cast cracked it still Held together. Mind you, using wire is also a good idea. Bit of history..Here, adding metal to casts is called Monieren after Joseph Monier..a landscapegardener. I learnt that whilst doing my master gardeners course.

    1. Hi Paul, Yes I am unconventional in many of my methods of producing stuff.Always striving and trying new things out. Using wire to reinforce my castings was taken from my practiced studies of Engineering as an Apprentice a million light years ago.I worked with Master Masons in my younger days and lessons learnt have helped me along the pathway of certain success throughout my life. I prefer to teach and have had three students this year home schooled in our little house. They keep what they make,and it cost them nothing. I believe if youngster have a keen interest then I give my time freely and I buy all the stuff needed.It has been great fun with giggles a plenty from everyone concerned.

      I destroy my Moulds because I have no interest in obtaining more money at this time in my life by selling,this is my hobby not a job. I render enough to Caesar in way of Taxes as it is,and have no great wish to increase it. I also do not wish to see my railway tunnels being sold on E Bay,because Pirates just P!!! Me Off. Those on the Forum Especially! Thanks for commenting Paul,and for adding that interesting information too. Greetings BB