Sunday, 20 November 2016


I was 8 years old when I first saw them on a very tiny TV Screen. They were in cartoon form and the picture was more snowy in those days then clear. I along with most upon the avenue where we all lived and played had a very poor up bringing but thought little of it then in our ignorance.                 
 Most certainly there was no money for toy figures growing up in those post war years.                        

So I thought what if I could collect what I`d seen then,but how?                                                   
Well first of all I must focus on that timeline!  Then on my imagination of play.                                                                                  
So it was in 1957 that they all went through the same mirror as did Alice,                                        
in ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.                                                                                

       That mirror was afixed upon the wall by brass screws  that held it tight                                                         above an ornate Victorian cast iron Fire Place.                                                                                    

But what figures are they? It would be nearly 60 years into the future that we can all find that out.
One must be patient after all it is only time,in a time passing sort of way.

                                                                     "Where are we?"

Yes they finally arrived slap dazzling bang in the middle of my Sci-Fi Fantasy table .
I hope you like them. I sure do.   BB


  1. Oh, lovely figures! I love Tintin & friends! Cheers Beano!!

    1. RMacedo,thank you kindly for your comments. I collect toy figures and is a delight when others wherever they might well be, like them too. BB

  2. Great post, and beautiful figures!

    1. Hi Phil,thanks very much for your kind comments.
      Emotive language helps set the scene,and the toy figures arrive and that scene is made complete.
      I believe it is much better than just showing one picture. BB

  3. Takes me back to my childhood, tin tin and snowy 😀 they were the days

    1. Younger days,not tied to a Clock,Job,or thinking "How do I pay my bills this month?"
      The good things about toy figures is they can invoke strong memories of having them,or minor memories of just wanting them.
      Very nice of you to visit and comment again Russ. BB