Saturday, 12 November 2016

Unfinished Conversions Good For A Laugh presented by BB

The Merry Go Round of Sanded Fun

The Horses Being Far To Small I Took  My Plyers and Created Casualties


A Crazy Idea

As Easy As Dipping A Bisket In Tea

Sand Them

                                 A Space Wad Left Where The Metal Plate Would Be.

                                                         Scots Greys Dragoons


A Few Horses

Creating Casualties With a Pair of Plyers

                                                                        And a Knife

The Grande Battery of 84 Guns Opens Fire

                               Firing Solid Iron Shot and Rusty Horse Shoe Nails

                                           It Shreds The Oncoming British Cavalry

                                                        Creating Carnage

More Of The Same Rolls Out in Thunder

                                                 More Fall Upon That Muddy Field

                                                        Sand Replaces Those Covers
                                      No glue required I used S Matt Black Enamal Paint

                                           The French Prepare  Another Taste

                                                     The Struggle In The Mud
                                                      Created With My Plyers

I never got to finish them because of illness but ________________that`s another story BB


  1. Great ideas and wonderful conversions...I may be inspired by it! Creative and excellent BB!

    1. When I started these conversions there were no Dragoon Regiment in Parade Dress at that time,and so unconventional as ever I stuck the lot in Kiln Dried Sand,and smiled away thinking this would work as long as it is not overdone.
      With my hands shaking so tiny figure painting is something that I cannot do,but I do tons of other stuff so I am not unhappy at losing that part of the hobby. One moves on and it is as simple as that.
      Thanks for commenting Phil. Greetings BB

  2. Very, very impressive ideas and fine work! Cheers Beano!

    1. RMacedo,Thanks for taking time out to visit and comment too. A dress makers pin stuck into the headgear before sanding could be cut to length and thin cotton could be wound around it to form a neat plume. A touch of glue added would finish the job. So then only painting is required.
      Greetings from Fiddle Wood, Norwich, Norfolk UK. BB