Thursday, 22 December 2016

A Sci-Fi Page with Fred presented by BB

Although slightly differing from the version set upon a page on Benno`s Figures Forum,this adventure starts upon a late afternoon, and upon an icy cold day too. It being the case that the only things not frozen to their spots are the moving shadows.

On Kett`s Heights, the highest elevated point that overlooks the city far below it,are obvious  ski marks, but who on earth is mad enough to attempt skiing here? Yes, of course Fred, is.

Fred,has decided to give skiing a go.

"I mean how difficult could it be to do such a wonder as slide.",he thought to himself, and so off he went upon a three mile skiing trip,with half of it being very steeply down hill.

The first leg of the journey starts at Mousehold Heath,and soon Fred is  nearing the  dropping off point  of Ketts Hill,and then..... Whoosh! 

He disappeared over the edge. The sound of the smooth running ski`s,is drowned out by Fred`s Yippee,that resounded in my ears. However now that is replaced with what I can only describe as an artillery shell whistling through the air.                                                                                                      

 Upon the fast down hill run the steepest in these parts Fred, skimmed an icy bump  and Gosh! The little fellow is airborne and at the rate of knots too.  It being clocked at a cool 188 miles per hr  lift off !  The old saying, "What goes up , must come down," comes to mind ....... he reaches the point where gravity dictates it to be the case,and Fred, is now hurtling down and still sounding like an artillery shell .................. impact imminent.                                                                                                      

     Lucky for Fred a huge mound of soft snow caught his fall like the arms of a good friend. It was fourtune smiling upon this little pepper pot alien,because just beyond this snowy mound the fast flowing River Wensum speeds along past its deepest spot.

Although flopped upside down imbedded in snow,with his eye only seeing white,he knows he`s A OK! With not a single seam or bolt  or rivet shoved out of place.

"A close call." He says to himself while wobbling and shifting and rolling out of that icy cold place.  
Not that he feels it as others do.     

Finally he`s upright and it`s time to head for home a mile or so away.He thinks to himself,
" MayBell,will never believe all this. Unless she reads it."

With the night now fast drawing in,and with the intrepid Fred,now  skiing towards Fiddle Wood and the safety of home, it is time to put a close to this  Sci-Fi Page.

Enjoy your Holiday Guys and Have Fun.  
Above all stay Safe.                                                            C  U a little later BB


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    1. He was a conversion from ice cold evil,into a lovable warm character named Fred,that i have featured in many a story. In a more truer sense he changed one of my style of writings that`s for sure. He gets fan mail.And i get nothing but the pleasure of presenting both him and MayBell. It is enough.
      Thanks Phil,a comment is worthy of praise. BB

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    1. Thanks Remco,it was a soft landing for Fred. BB

  3. Inspiring! what a great blog - I share fred's skiing technique.

    1. Hi Deon,very kind of you to visit my blog and Comment too. I first began to write about Fred & MayBell three and a bit years ago. They have had many adventures which are crazy and here the unexpected is often seen,rather than what is expected of toy Daleks. As for MayBell she is of course a helpful MAYBELL.Like "The Alves and The Shoe Maker",they often help me in hobby projects to give me a rest and have fun! BB