Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Mrs B,s Adventure at Hacking Back a Tree Simply Presented by BB

 It was a bright warm sunny day back in the Spring of 2016,that Mrs B,finally decided to set to with her Loppers,and cut the Yew tree right back while I took a few shots at recording a before and after scene. The tree being 32 years old had grown  far to high even though once a year it had been clipped back to retain its good shape. Being all of 17 foot  high and 7 foot wide it was becoming much harder a job  to do,and in my eyes far to dangerous to shin up ladders in order to trim it,but it was Mrs B,s tree long before she ever met me,and it was upon her reasoning that it should be cut back almost to its trunk,and shortened by  4 feet or so.
This was a bold  risky adventure for us both because it had that element of danger as My Mrs B,shinned up ladder and balanced on top of step ladder cutting ,sawing and lopping off on that tree,as if a mad Termite,and where I was standing to give support to ladders large lumpy bits of prickly dusty tree descended constantly upon my head,and rolled away finally to hit the fast filling up garden below.___Very dusty indeed, it being the case the St Faiths Road races past at times choking up and out traffic pollution which settles upon house,hedgerow and trees alike. O,well people must have their tin time machines i guess.

Of course I being disabled and very ill at that time could not actively help,but in the way of safety I was very close by and looking like a fast filling up evergreen bonfire with the upper part of myself sticking out from the top like the dusty Guy I had become.  It is times like these that I have many  a nagging regret concerning my limited ability. After all a fit and able little me would be up a scrambling  amongst those tight knit branches  hacking about like an eager Beaver,leaving Mrs B,far below with all that evergreen fallout and not me.
If one in old age at 67 can have an adventure upon ladders this surely was one.and all in all it was quite an experience for us both, and writing of it hardly rivals Homers Odyssey,but most certainly like most days around this house it sure was an oddity in every shape and dusty green form.

 It must be mentioned that the Yew will grow and bush out fine after being so gnawed upon as if by some Monster Munching Goat! In two or so years it will look slim and all evergreen once more.

Below is The Before

It was quite a monster of a tree,but I bought as always the very best high quality tools a few years ago so in 4 hours my Mrs B,had it all chopped up and filling three large wheelie bins to be composted down by the Local Norwich Council.                                                                                                  
For these Green Bins we pay an extra  £52.00 a year.  

         Above is The After,which is far from a pretty sight but one that just had to be.

Below a few bits more to cut up and add to one of our wheelie bins and the job  was then done and jolly well dusted.                                                                                                                                

                       Yes the early Spring and the Daffodils were nodding  their heads in approval.

 Eight months on it is rather misty over Fiddle Wood today,where our little garden sits and adds evergreen attraction to  its surroundings  all year round,and as you can see the tree is also on the mend.
Which proves, "You cannot keep a good Yew down,and it will rise again in splender."


To finish,
The Yew Tree seen in a past former times with part of a Rainbow over the sky of Fiddle Wood.

 Thanks for your visit BB

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