Thursday, 22 December 2016

Rolls Royce 1921 Pattern Armoured Cars presented by BB

While reading and above all researching the Long Range Desert Group & the S A S
The Special Air Service. ( I bought books on Kindel. ) I found a few details of the R A F Regiment a new force to defend airfields,but also used for recon use sweeping large areas of desert to identify enemy and its strength.These were the eyes of the British Generals in the desert war 1941-1942. A left over legacy from the Great War 1914-18 thus named long before numbering World Wars.                                          

So the RAF Guys certainly had an important  roll to play.

I decided to see if i could buy them,and yes i could from Poland,and as you can see the makers are RODEN. They have some on Modlehobbies,but highly priced. Although i can afford what I need,I shop around to get the best bargain on E Bay,and its a game I like especially when biding on items.
Anyway the kits are below.     The turret  top will be left off.                                                                                                      

The kit above is for  11th Hussar Regiment but  it will be duly asigned to RAF Duties.

  The kit above also comes in 1/35 scale,but is very pricey indeed at way over £30.00 UK Sterling!
It has an engine one has to construct with lots of pieces so designed to view however the hood is not,it is a complete thing that covers the engine so its not seen at all unless you cut the hood out yourself. Life is complicated enough already without hacking ones way through thick plastic on an expensive kit. If I were to buy this larger size the engine would be surplus to requirement. Left Out!

The Two 1/72 Scale Kits Arrived

Simple drawing  instructions and nice clean pieces without flash. So being well pleased I bought three more. One thing it would have been nice to have at least one figure, because the top armour was removed so they need a crew in view. So I will look to convert figures.
Perhaps even turn a few Jerry`s into trators!     BB


  1. Love this kind of vehicles!

    1. Hi Phil,they have more of an attraction for me now,after reading that they were very active in the desert war.
      Thanks for commenting. BB