Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Using Cardboard Presented by BB

Of course one has to strip the flat facing paper off to reveal a field.Then paint and space out cabbages , potatoes and things upon free range spaces as would normally go flying into bins.                                                                                                                                                   


The hill bleak in detail did however lead the eye to the rooftops of the houses tucked in just beyond the brim of the hill. Farmer Davies had had his teamsters plough away a few days upon his land and all was seeded by hand at the first opportunity the womenfolk had for a few days of heavy rain had slogged its way down in such thundering weather that the field,was wet clay enough to make pots rather than this years bread.      So a few days were left free of scattering seed to allow this land to dry out a bit,because it was fit to suck the boots off any foot that dare place a step there.                                                                                                      

With the seed away upon the scattering wind everyone took note that the job was good and well done.
It was upon the day after around midday that the first soldier appeared head to foot in basic blue. A French fellow by his look and more were to follow. Those in the nearby village bolted their doors and boarded every window shut tight.

                    HAT Young Guard painted in all their crudity 16 years ago.

Napoleon  having cause greater than loaves of bread, had them pace each war games step out in   military sway.     

 With no display of shinny buttons here these faceless fellows pace it out down the hill undoing all the villages hard work

As more appear upon the hill the bottom seems full of soldiers too.
A villager peeping from a crack in the window declaring to his Wife who was hiding under the bed along with the 13 children," This place is filling up."

Up and at them boys!
Don`t worry it`s a friendly match.

                  The first few I tried to paint,have since lived in the box out of sight .                 

 Not good.not bad,at least the paint has stayed put upon them.
Enamel paint wins the day or in this case 16 years.

And the Cardboard is an idea I have never ever seen used in open field display.
Of course this has just been an illustration a quick set up with invisible Oak Tree`s
Well they cannot be seen which proves the special paint I used really worked.



  1. What a great looking friendly match! Very nice!

    1. Hi Phil,lots of my figure collection is still wrapped up in rolled up paper within their little boxes. Over the years forgotten by me. While moving stuff on shelving in the toy room I came across my first attempt at painting tiny tot figures. Not painted for display well there was no internet in Fiddle Wood then. It was purely for medical rehabilitation pleasure. There were a few boxes in our local toy shop,and I thought why not give it a try.16 years or so on and the friendly ended up in even more blue from their black eyes.
      Greetings from Fiddle Wood Norwich UK BB

  2. Replies
    1. Simple is as simple does,and in my case it has a double meaning I think?
      Very Nice to have friends pop in now and again.
      So thank you Ray both 4 the visit and comment 2. Greetings from Fiddle Wood Norwich UK BB

  3. Thanks for posting BB, I just wish I had the time to try out half the stuff I've seen that I would to have a go at.

    1. Russ,I often buy out time from other things like sleep and dream away while I do lots of stuff. I call it sleep-modelling, and eventually when I awake the projects for whatever they be worth to me are half done. Elves & Shoemaker comes to mind. Or Fred & MayBell.Thanks for commenting upon the history of my brush. Greetings from Fiddle Wood Norwich UK BB