Thursday, 22 December 2016

Rolls Royce 1921 Pattern Armoured Cars presented by BB

While reading and above all researching the Long Range Desert Group & the S A S
The Special Air Service. ( I bought books on Kindel. ) I found a few details of the R A F Regiment a new force to defend airfields,but also used for recon use sweeping large areas of desert to identify enemy and its strength.These were the eyes of the British Generals in the desert war 1941-1942. A left over legacy from the Great War 1914-18 thus named long before numbering World Wars.                                          

So the RAF Guys certainly had an important  roll to play.

I decided to see if i could buy them,and yes i could from Poland,and as you can see the makers are RODEN. They have some on Modlehobbies,but highly priced. Although i can afford what I need,I shop around to get the best bargain on E Bay,and its a game I like especially when biding on items.
Anyway the kits are below.     The turret  top will be left off.                                                                                                      

The kit above is for  11th Hussar Regiment but  it will be duly asigned to RAF Duties.

  The kit above also comes in 1/35 scale,but is very pricey indeed at way over £30.00 UK Sterling!
It has an engine one has to construct with lots of pieces so designed to view however the hood is not,it is a complete thing that covers the engine so its not seen at all unless you cut the hood out yourself. Life is complicated enough already without hacking ones way through thick plastic on an expensive kit. If I were to buy this larger size the engine would be surplus to requirement. Left Out!

The Two 1/72 Scale Kits Arrived

Simple drawing  instructions and nice clean pieces without flash. So being well pleased I bought three more. One thing it would have been nice to have at least one figure, because the top armour was removed so they need a crew in view. So I will look to convert figures.
Perhaps even turn a few Jerry`s into trators!     BB

A Sci-Fi Page with Fred presented by BB

Although slightly differing from the version set upon a page on Benno`s Figures Forum,this adventure starts upon a late afternoon, and upon an icy cold day too. It being the case that the only things not frozen to their spots are the moving shadows.

On Kett`s Heights, the highest elevated point that overlooks the city far below it,are obvious  ski marks, but who on earth is mad enough to attempt skiing here? Yes, of course Fred, is.

Fred,has decided to give skiing a go.

"I mean how difficult could it be to do such a wonder as slide.",he thought to himself, and so off he went upon a three mile skiing trip,with half of it being very steeply down hill.

The first leg of the journey starts at Mousehold Heath,and soon Fred is  nearing the  dropping off point  of Ketts Hill,and then..... Whoosh! 

He disappeared over the edge. The sound of the smooth running ski`s,is drowned out by Fred`s Yippee,that resounded in my ears. However now that is replaced with what I can only describe as an artillery shell whistling through the air.                                                                                                      

 Upon the fast down hill run the steepest in these parts Fred, skimmed an icy bump  and Gosh! The little fellow is airborne and at the rate of knots too.  It being clocked at a cool 188 miles per hr  lift off !  The old saying, "What goes up , must come down," comes to mind ....... he reaches the point where gravity dictates it to be the case,and Fred, is now hurtling down and still sounding like an artillery shell .................. impact imminent.                                                                                                      

     Lucky for Fred a huge mound of soft snow caught his fall like the arms of a good friend. It was fourtune smiling upon this little pepper pot alien,because just beyond this snowy mound the fast flowing River Wensum speeds along past its deepest spot.

Although flopped upside down imbedded in snow,with his eye only seeing white,he knows he`s A OK! With not a single seam or bolt  or rivet shoved out of place.

"A close call." He says to himself while wobbling and shifting and rolling out of that icy cold place.  
Not that he feels it as others do.     

Finally he`s upright and it`s time to head for home a mile or so away.He thinks to himself,
" MayBell,will never believe all this. Unless she reads it."

With the night now fast drawing in,and with the intrepid Fred,now  skiing towards Fiddle Wood and the safety of home, it is time to put a close to this  Sci-Fi Page.

Enjoy your Holiday Guys and Have Fun.  
Above all stay Safe.                                                            C  U a little later BB

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Using Cardboard Presented by BB

Of course one has to strip the flat facing paper off to reveal a field.Then paint and space out cabbages , potatoes and things upon free range spaces as would normally go flying into bins.                                                                                                                                                   


The hill bleak in detail did however lead the eye to the rooftops of the houses tucked in just beyond the brim of the hill. Farmer Davies had had his teamsters plough away a few days upon his land and all was seeded by hand at the first opportunity the womenfolk had for a few days of heavy rain had slogged its way down in such thundering weather that the field,was wet clay enough to make pots rather than this years bread.      So a few days were left free of scattering seed to allow this land to dry out a bit,because it was fit to suck the boots off any foot that dare place a step there.                                                                                                      

With the seed away upon the scattering wind everyone took note that the job was good and well done.
It was upon the day after around midday that the first soldier appeared head to foot in basic blue. A French fellow by his look and more were to follow. Those in the nearby village bolted their doors and boarded every window shut tight.

                    HAT Young Guard painted in all their crudity 16 years ago.

Napoleon  having cause greater than loaves of bread, had them pace each war games step out in   military sway.     

 With no display of shinny buttons here these faceless fellows pace it out down the hill undoing all the villages hard work

As more appear upon the hill the bottom seems full of soldiers too.
A villager peeping from a crack in the window declaring to his Wife who was hiding under the bed along with the 13 children," This place is filling up."

Up and at them boys!
Don`t worry it`s a friendly match.

                  The first few I tried to paint,have since lived in the box out of sight .                 

 Not good.not bad,at least the paint has stayed put upon them.
Enamel paint wins the day or in this case 16 years.

And the Cardboard is an idea I have never ever seen used in open field display.
Of course this has just been an illustration a quick set up with invisible Oak Tree`s
Well they cannot be seen which proves the special paint I used really worked.


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Mrs B,s Adventure at Hacking Back a Tree Simply Presented by BB

 It was a bright warm sunny day back in the Spring of 2016,that Mrs B,finally decided to set to with her Loppers,and cut the Yew tree right back while I took a few shots at recording a before and after scene. The tree being 32 years old had grown  far to high even though once a year it had been clipped back to retain its good shape. Being all of 17 foot  high and 7 foot wide it was becoming much harder a job  to do,and in my eyes far to dangerous to shin up ladders in order to trim it,but it was Mrs B,s tree long before she ever met me,and it was upon her reasoning that it should be cut back almost to its trunk,and shortened by  4 feet or so.
This was a bold  risky adventure for us both because it had that element of danger as My Mrs B,shinned up ladder and balanced on top of step ladder cutting ,sawing and lopping off on that tree,as if a mad Termite,and where I was standing to give support to ladders large lumpy bits of prickly dusty tree descended constantly upon my head,and rolled away finally to hit the fast filling up garden below.___Very dusty indeed, it being the case the St Faiths Road races past at times choking up and out traffic pollution which settles upon house,hedgerow and trees alike. O,well people must have their tin time machines i guess.

Of course I being disabled and very ill at that time could not actively help,but in the way of safety I was very close by and looking like a fast filling up evergreen bonfire with the upper part of myself sticking out from the top like the dusty Guy I had become.  It is times like these that I have many  a nagging regret concerning my limited ability. After all a fit and able little me would be up a scrambling  amongst those tight knit branches  hacking about like an eager Beaver,leaving Mrs B,far below with all that evergreen fallout and not me.
If one in old age at 67 can have an adventure upon ladders this surely was one.and all in all it was quite an experience for us both, and writing of it hardly rivals Homers Odyssey,but most certainly like most days around this house it sure was an oddity in every shape and dusty green form.

 It must be mentioned that the Yew will grow and bush out fine after being so gnawed upon as if by some Monster Munching Goat! In two or so years it will look slim and all evergreen once more.

Below is The Before

It was quite a monster of a tree,but I bought as always the very best high quality tools a few years ago so in 4 hours my Mrs B,had it all chopped up and filling three large wheelie bins to be composted down by the Local Norwich Council.                                                                                                  
For these Green Bins we pay an extra  £52.00 a year.  

         Above is The After,which is far from a pretty sight but one that just had to be.

Below a few bits more to cut up and add to one of our wheelie bins and the job  was then done and jolly well dusted.                                                                                                                                

                       Yes the early Spring and the Daffodils were nodding  their heads in approval.

 Eight months on it is rather misty over Fiddle Wood today,where our little garden sits and adds evergreen attraction to  its surroundings  all year round,and as you can see the tree is also on the mend.
Which proves, "You cannot keep a good Yew down,and it will rise again in splender."


To finish,
The Yew Tree seen in a past former times with part of a Rainbow over the sky of Fiddle Wood.

 Thanks for your visit BB

Monday, 5 December 2016


This is a mixed bag of info and presentation, because I often wonder upon other pathways but upon the whole I think all are  relevant because in hind sight they have a link with one another. Be they model kit or toy soldier or indeed the photographs shown too.                                                               


These days I find myself collecting model soldiers then painting them.I paid way over the odds for this kit,but it is well worth the money that I spent on it because it is hard to come by these days.                                                                      

                                                                 Sorry for fuzzy picture.

This Revell Kit has four figures so that is good whereas the 1/72 scale Dragon Kits have only has one so those buying them  means resorting to conversions. I trolled my way through old and newer kits but buying boxes just to swap a few heads over is not a good deal. As for these Dragon Kits  at over £17.00 each I do not recommend anyone buy them.                                                                                 

  However the larger sizes I do.                                             

The remains of one recently found somewhere in North Africa.

 The British obtained 30 of these in May of 1942 in N Africa and they where factory fresh and straight off the boat.These were manufactured in steel, and the cargo from that supply ship got even better because of the addition of jeeps. With these the mixed bag of L.R.D.G. along with the S.A.S. carried out daring guerrilla type raids on airfields and fuel dumps far behind the enemy lines.
David Stirling had a bounty of £20.000 placed upon his head by orders from Hitler. No doubt to be paid in forged British £5.00 Notes. My Brother in Law Arthur Cealy was in the S A S during this time period although he never spoke of it. I was not yet born when he married what would be my oldest Sister Grace in 1948. Many years later in May of 1985,he showed me his discharge papers from the British Army,and simply said,"I was there." On the paper was written, ' This man is employable.' and it was signed by his Commanding Officer.

David Sterling is seen here relaxed and standing alongside Paddy Mayne who is sitting in the jeep.
Sterling would be captured later  and Paddy Mayne would take command of the S A S.
However that is a whole new chapter of a true story book adventure perhaps for another time?

                              IN BRIEF:  THE IMITATION GAME

By 1941 ULTRA,was playing a Top Secret game of cat and mouse with the German U Boats in the Atlantic. What ships could Britain afford to lose and still remain in a position to win the Atlantic war. Then the war itself. It was down to higher mathematics  linked to ENIGMA, being read at Bletchley, (Code Named Station X), by Code Breakers. A handful of people in a tiny room knew where every U Boat was, and where every Allied Convoy was heading.
Intelligence is helpful, but of course the ultimate fact was that, that terrible war would be fought on every side engulfed in it by the people of those nations involved.

It has since been reckoned by mathematicians and historians and Governments alike, that the war was shortened by over 2 years by all those serving at Blecthley, saving over Fourteen Million Lives.
With the advent of Master Computers,The Secret  of ULTRA, was released in the year 1975.

Bletchley Above

I make mention of this fact because if that Cargo ship bound for North Africa had been sunk the war in N Africa and elsewhere would have turned out very differently. True raids would have still taken place but with converted inferior machines. The Allies were in for a tough fight in North Africa and they knew it. So as we look back ,the "What If ?" Question,is always relevant.                                      

A Photograph of those times gives a little insight into daily life aboard these crates that skimmed well the sandy waves of a sea of sand.

Once the truck is onto the rolled out mats, ( one seen above on the left) ,it will be out of that boggy sand and away to wherever it was destined to end up.

The Lewis Gun from The  Great War,was always found to be reliable and one is fitted onto that truck in the picture above.

The Vickers Machine Guns were also mounted in the back of those trucks too ,along with 30 cal Browning Machine Guns,twin Vickers, twin Bren , and twin Lewis Guns.

Below the twin Mk1 Bren Gun  fitted with two one hundred 303 cal round magazines plus   collection   bags. Designed for aircraft protection, but it seems a few went missing.

It`s OK,It`s a Friendly! It is a British Bristol Beaufort flying low North Africa. By the position of the guys feet behind the Truck they were unconcerned about this low flying attack aircraft.

                           Preparing to set out above, while below catching some shade in the desert.

Although there is a jeep in the Revell 1/76 scale boxed kit I decided on buying 1/35 scale kits too,because the why? of it lay in the David Stirling photograph itself. This will be made much clearer by the end of this topic.

                                                              THE JEEPS

One of the most famous Pictures to come out of that war.  Sterling`s Lads. These jeeps were butchered down to make them lighter,and then loaded with Petrol & Water and lots of obsolete fire power,food and ammo. O`,yes the lads manage to slip into them too at a tight pinch.

The twin Vickers seen above were developed for aircraft defence in WWI,and were rapid firing guns designed for aerial combat  when a target might only be in the sites for a short time.

I managed to obtain this seven figure set for £14.50 free post on E Bay they are over £18.00 elsewhere. So I saved a little cash. However having 7 figures meant that I`d need 3 jeeps,and the Dragon kits cost a staggering £22.00 each. So I needed to look elsewhere.
So I bought three jeeps from TAMIYA,at £10.00 each,and they have two figures to a jeep. So yes extra figures,but it was the standing figure I needed from the first set along with the rest of the group.

With these jeeps I will now have the complete David Sterling and Paddy Mayne,
photograph modelled in 3D

With a saving of £30.

That is Good.



UPDATE :  I managed to buy the  TAMIYA  1/35 scale British LRDG Truck with figures. 
The saving of £30.00 more than paid for this kit. Beautiful Box Art. BB

BRITISH ARMY NORTH AFRICA 1942 (E 12353)   Two fully loaded LRDG ( Long Range Desert Group) Chevrolet 30cwt trucks, 25 May 1942.:

                            As we leave these guys thanks for looking. BB