Sunday, 29 January 2017

Another Paper Ships Gun for The Budding Scratch Builder .....designed & built by BB

These Are Toy Guns

This design is aimed at those in the hobby that get a kick out of making their very own stuff to suit their needs,and fancy. Imagination is the first key to any new thing made. Over the past few weeks I`ve seen war gamers boats that were scratch built by them but that had no guns,so I formulated the cheapest way possible ever to make ships guns from Paper. Yes a much better looking toy cannon the likes of Hornblower's crew would love to spark off a broadside at any enemy in sight.


There are 6 strips of paper not included in the photograph, because being so tiny they would just curl up. Winding the small strip around a cocktail stick  forms a plug for the back end of the gun.

When making more than one ships cannon all the measurements of the paper strips must be the same.
Mine were as set out bellow.
I used white PVA Glue!
3-1/4 inch x 1/1/4 inch turned around and around on the brush made the main tube up.
2 - 1/4 inch x 1 - 1/4 inch Winding a strip of paper  around and around from the back end inwards formed the rest of the main tube.
All this made a reasonable foundation for the winding on of the smaller strips.
The front strip of paper was stuck into place a pen point tip away from that end.
That gave a good pattern of design to that open end.
The back end plug with point cut off and  glued up for purpose was pushed into the back end, but stopped short of  where the cock-tail stick is pushed through and out of the other side.
Later when the glue had set good and hard the pivot point cocktail stick was pushed through after a metal pin had made its way entirely through the tube,and a sharp pointed craft blade had widened out those two holes.

The cocktail sticks are left complete to aid later painting.
The tiny brush used,the paper strips and cocktail sticks needed to make one cannon up.
Most model making buffs have this in the home.

Below the cannon seen in the raw which gives a better look at this stage in the fun.

                                       Stuck in row upon row into waste Polystyrene

Projects are for having fun, and this one cost practically nothing at all, except for a little bit of time.
More results will be posted later. Entirely designed by little me,for the likes of you. BB

38 X 18 pdr Guns,all primed for a metal dry brush.

More Next Time. BB


  1. Very nicely done, BB!


    1. Hi Aaron,thank you kindly for your visit and comment. BB

  2. wow !! only with paper ??!!! you're the master of the scratch-building, Paul ! congrats !

    1. Hi Sam Wise, Pascal, it is so good to see you took time out to visit. It was a good day today because I also saw your own painted figures on your Blog.
      I Thank you kindly for your comment my friend.BB

  3. Beano, surprises and talent are your trademark!! Outstanding work! Cheers! (PS: still waiting for the Zulus.. ;) )

    1. RMacedo,I suffered greatly from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder,which made my head jerk violently,and my hands shake far to much to do painting within the hobby. However after nearly a year without painting small scale figures or any figure I am trying to paint again. Being very Mentally ill robbed me of so much,last year,but I carried on and did other things on my Blog.Scratch Building Kept Me Alive and Fighting!I could not just sit idly by and let it die.I realised others were let down but one cannot stop the flow of a torrent river of illness. It is how I try best to explain it. Thank you for the gentle reminder I still have the figures half painted so will try later to get a few finished. Your visits and comments are most valued here,and I thank you kindly for them all. BB

  4. BB cracking work yet again. It looks so simple to make but at the same time very precise. Thus is another one u will add to my to do list when time permits. Thanks for sharing ☺

    1. Sorry BB spell checker caught me. It should read this is another one I will add to my to do list when time permits

    2. Hi Russ,it is a very simple system and for Medieval type Cannon would and could look very effective indeed for practically nothing, and the magic is they dry very hard. You will always get smiles from others when you mention that they are paper guns. I have just made 28 X 18 pdr cannon today.Repitition makes one very quick on the production line.The aim to arm a French Corvette named UNITE. Thanks for commenting.BB