Sunday, 8 January 2017

Fred & MayBell Adventure in Heave Ho ! Up Around and Down They Go! ............. Duly penned by BB

                               After painting with primmer the things need turning up and over.

                                      So more help was drafted in.

                                                  "Take a hold there,and get ready!"

                                                    The make shift A Frame is Large!

                                      But, it is certainly a cool idea!

Fred`s still wearing those ski`s,and MayBell has never seen such a wonderment.
"It`s Crazy Fred."____________ "Yah! I know MayBell."

                                            I must admit it does work.

With the 4th lift nearing completion it........

.....was time to undo the last knot, as only Fred,would know how,and not me.

                                               Pushing it into tidy place.

"That was a good team effort guys",Fred declared"

The Imperial Dalek,made caustic mention to Fred,
"You Could Have Used Your Elevation Beam ?"

Fred,said "Opp`s!"___________________ MayBell,just carried on being a MayBell,saying," Although it was lots more fun this way."

 The tiny, wee half door quite a common sight often seen in the Gaul Village.

                   So dear Fred & MayBell have been very busy.

                                                             This one above already seen.

                                                       This is the other side.

                           Two models in one. Why waste an opportunity to do the back.

The large toy stone work taken from the Asterix Comic Book. So that's four,perhaps there`s more.

Next job in hand is for Fred & MayBell to come up with a rather quirky chimney.
I wonder what antics of fun will be in play?   BB


  1. Looking good Paul.
    You're so much faster than me, but you got a lot of help here...


    1. Yes Remco,it seems lots of help,but no ice-cream perhaps next time my friend. Thanks for taking time out to view this crazy stuff that dreams are made of. BB

  2. Replies
    1. Well Gowan, very nice of you to find my little slice of cyberspaced out fun.This is where anything goes that i wish to place,that young and aged and family can safely view. Very glad you took a turn of the hour-glass from down under,in commenting here. Many Thanks Beano Boy

  3. Your friends are useful Paul, a great teamwork!

    1. Hi Phil, they are usefully teamed up as Pals,a sort of diversion away from what is really happening elsewhere. In this way scratch-building takes second place,and relief perhaps on the topic from seeing just boring photographs pilled up one upon another like little abstract bricks. I thank you again for your visit here,and Fred & MayBell,along with little i, says you are most welcome to call again.
      We are in most days as the sun turns its shadows. BB

  4. Nice work and great post...!! Hooray for Fred & MayBell !! ;) Cheers!

    1. RMacedo,There are times that i prefer to take a back seat and let toys do all the work. It is the illusion of Puppetry,within this hobby that i love.Fred & MayBell,thank you kindly for your Rousing Cheer,as do little i. BB

  5. Today was a bit of a long haul work wise but this brought a smile to my face! Thanks BB and of course Fred and Maybell ☺

    1. Yes some days can be like that Russ. I hope today is a much better day for you? I often wish to give reams of photographs and so include these elementary charecters
      in play,so I`m glad they made you smile. It is a great compliment indeed for myself and Fred & MayBell,who aim not to do what is often expected of them.Which by the way is nothing! Thanks for commenting Russ,it ncourages my quirky nature of having fun,and more to the point being brave enough to place it on Line. BB

    2. Well I seem to have screwed that message up? It should have read, `that I like to give the photographs a lift by including those elementary characters in play.'
      Which goes to prove, even Beano Boy,
      makes misguided penmanship sliding mistakes. BB