Thursday, 5 January 2017

Fred & MayBell Have a Doodle of a Three Point Mystery Plan A story penned by BB

The penmanship of the Craft had begun without any instructions from me.
You see? The tiny Pepper Pot Alien overheard me talking to Mrs B,of drawing up three pointed plans for a certain subject very few set their minds to.  So he took it upon himself to help me out. 

Lets drop in on the conversation of these two unlikely pals. 

"Fred,you handle that pen really well."_____ " Thanks MayBell, I`m helping out BB, with a doodle of a three point project."____ "My word!BB,has so much trust in your work these days Fred." __ "Well sort of."____ "You mean?"____ "Yes MayBell,BB,has no idea of this surprise." __" Well lets see if he likes what penned out points of three you are ski pacing out with that pen."___ " Sure he will MayBell,theres no dire need to worry of such things.

Like the child receiving that special toy that they wish to take everywhere. Fred decided to keep his ski`s on since skiing down Ketts Hill. Even though that snow had long gone,and the drains had gotten well flushed with such a stiff salty mixture that even Captain AHAB,of old would have surely half expected that white monster to come up from.

While Fred,penned the three pinpoint stars,he wondered to himself,` Do monsters actually live down the drains?`___ So he asked MayBell,and she unsurprisingly replied,"Of course they do Fred,every toy figure ever made knows that."_____" Well yes I suppose so,but I am a kinda unique little fellow you know MayBell?"____" You most certainly are Fred."

From the points three straight lines flowed easy-like from BB,s pen, which  action was steadied greatly by the counter balance caused by our Fred, wearing those ski`s. So he ain`t dum or twisted nutty out of shape after all.

With the triangle drawn out the filling in began,and MayBell,could hear Freds mainframe computer making the oddest sound like the sea coming into shore. Very soon the pattern was all shaped out in impressive detail,but next something needed doing. 

Taking a leaf out of my unwritten modelling book he applied pva glue and stuck whatever it was down onto another piece creating the front of a very strange type toy building.

"That`s that finished MayBell,do you like it?"___" I do Fred,but will it suit BB?"

Leaving this topic here for others imagination to come into play,
and with work in progress,and much to do...... 

                            .... the most important thing is will the Asterix Figures like it?
Time will only tell. Thanks for looking BB


  1. Hey Paul,

    Looking good man, I have already made two of them, and they are so nice. Really funny to see you doing now the same. I bet Asterix likes his new house!

    Keep them coming.

    1. Fred takes command, MayBell follows upon this journey. Adventures are gearing up to come. Thanks for answering the call Remco. Another episode is due to begin. BB

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil,toutatis indeed.All is not at all it appears to be. There is much more to the build coming,that I hope will be surprise! after surprise! BB

    2. That is so cool. I'm beginning to think Fred and Maybell have more skills and talent than I do! It's always a pleasure reading your posts. Thanks for posting BB

    3. Glad you think that way Russ, Fred and MayBell are kind of special and evolved over time to be whatever the next tap upon the keyboard wished them to become. They are a often a distraction from that which is actually going on. Thanks for stopping by. BB