Saturday, 21 January 2017

Plumber Flax A Beano Boy Preparation Process Shown by BB

Quite often things do not go according to plan, and so the preparation plan must be changed slightly. All Scratch Builders, know this fact. Using stuff for other use`s is the major preoccupation while  trying to create something unique in the world of Arts & Crafts.

                                                   THE PLUMBERS FLAX

I bought several knots of Plumbers Flax on E Bay,at £3.50 each,and they stunk to high heavens of a Cats PPPPPPPPeeeeeeeLike Smell. Mrs B,kindly placed them all in a pillowcase and into the washing machine they all went.                                                                                                             

Warning Always Put This Stuff In A Pillow Case If Using A Washing Machine!                                                                                                           
Later when that awful Scent that would`ve attracted perhaps many a Beaver Lumberjack, was well and goodness me gone, they dried out quickly without smell placed upon a  radiator!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

They looked pretty rough and ruined,but all was or is not lost

A wire brush would be way to destructive so I opted for using an old Fork. In years gone by each of my Step-Sons and MrsB,and I,had our own coloured knives forks and spoons. The one seen above is one of mine.They are no longer used as those Boys have long left the Nest.

The object exercise was one to rake out a good size section at a time.

The simple idea resurrected a sure fired few sections that will come in thrashing handy for Thatching Roofs.

The fine soft to the touch lengths will be simplistic splendid to work with, and the fine fluffed up stuff raked out will be used as well for I chuck nothing away.
This is ideal material to use for Thatching scratch-built cottage roofs. One lays it in rows each overlapping the other below and a raised ridge finishes the job by capping over the top on both sides.(A future planed Tutorial will follow later.)

I realise that many might buy that hairy string and cut bits off,but I find it far to thick and stiff for a Hayed on top roof effect for an Asterix cottage of share eccentric oddity.

So that is my Preparation Process finished. Goody! Goody!

My Haystack!

The paper built hay wagon sets the scale in the photograph. There was a ladder too, but it has long gone missing. 

 See you later,I`m in most days.  BB


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    1. Thank you Michal,very nice of you to comment. BB

  2. That's so cool, and it looks the bees knees ☺

    1. Hi Russ, the Haystack is a very old one I made years ago for Hougoumont Battle of Waterloo.
      Thanks for commenting. BB