Monday, 16 January 2017

The Dry Run with Fred & MayBell........ Written and Presented by BB

Mondays light dawned and played its usual game of looking through the windows of the quiet little houses as  if it was playing hide and seek looking for giggling children,and I suppose it has always been its case to replace a yawn with the first smile of a new busy day, especially as Fiddle Wood awakes from its silent slumber.     Smiling down upon an odd rooftop upon a certain craft table it the Sun, eyed the scene with keenness because it was a wonderment to it,and even more so as toy figures once more began their active  role of play.

It was a simple scene set out  before it. It was another new toy,and the Sun smiled away active in its plotted out universal course upon that morning thinking ` Mrs B`s and BB`s ,house is filling up.' 

Fred is still upon his ski`s,he has now worn them for many a posting and is most reluctant to give them up in spite of the new story lines I have planed for him and MayBell.O`,well he is welcome to wear them here and now I suppose.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The first cup of hot Tea arrived, as Fred and MayBell began to wind up their imaginations concerning the next  stage in this their boldest adventure yet episode. The Scratch-Build!
There were  joyful plastic fellows rather bright in their spitted out moulding machine colours of over 50 years.They have been,"it must be said,"Very patient awaiting their time for bold clean shiny painting colours to be brushed upon them. Very much, Yes indeed."

Due to the Pals, bright efforts,there are two houses in one construction, and these happy go lucky figures were well glad to be out of the wooden toy box.                                                              

"It`s very roomy! When can I move in?"

"It will quite a while yet." said MayBell, and Fred agreed with his pal. "Floors and Chimney are to be added and then it will be down to BB,who moves in." Fred declared. As he inspected the timbers.
"Yes a little bit to trim off along the bottom will settle these two nicely into place MayBell."

On the other side of the build,other bright coloured figures have been inspecting the first long a waited for affordable housing scheme.There`s even terrible music that blights everyone ears with such a bashing passion. What a Din! Everyone agreed.

As Fred & MayBell,assure them that there will be more houses springing up into an odd random   fashion they are quite pleased that all the toy figures will eventually be homed. " Remember Fred,BB,might not let us build another two into one?"____"That`s very true MayBell,but what about a three into one Build?"________ " We will have to see Fred."

While taking time out for a walk of ponderous over thinking, ideas flow out between these two thick and fast,and we do well to consider after all thoughts come like that by the hundreds each and every day.
"It is very nice Fred,and I can just picture this within a tiny garden setting of beautiful planting."
"Yes perhaps so MayBell , but first a Chimney needs designing and cutting into shape."

Upon the table three strangers have appeared and they are standing upon a flight of stone steps. MayBell thinks it very odd that they remain in place as if fixed there by blu tac. "Fred,who are these mysterious guys standing there as if deep rooted to their spot?" She asked.

Even after moving the stone steps aside by several nudges, the three stranger appeared not to move or indeed budge by as much as 1mm. "Yes,it`s them MayBell, Romans."___ " Romans,what are Romans doing here Fred?"____ "Well MayBell,BB has gone and painted these three up and they appear to be guarding those steps."___ "Tell e`m ta shove off Fred?"____" Now,Now,MayBell, they show no conkering attitude at play here, and so that would be out of the question, After all it was BB,that put them here."___ "But why?"____ "Well I guess where there`s Gaul`s there must be Romans,MayBell."

Here is the other side showing the other house. Yes back to back housing had arrived in a big way along with the three Romans who are now way out of steps if you get my drift? All the Asterix figures agreed a nice warm comfy home far outweighed the compacted toy box that they had grown used to. I guess even toy figures have need of privacy at odd times throughout their strange magical days. Upon reading this Fred,asks a question." How do toy figures have magical days MayBell?"
" Well Fred,I believe it to be through story telling."____" Yes of course you are right MayBell,where would we two be without BB`s story telling?"____ " In the toy box Fred."

The inspection continues as the two friends wonder around this odd place,that seemed to have fell up rather than ever having been built up and Fred and MayBell both agreed this truly was a magical place where dreams can come true with a little bit of light finger tapping upon a certain keyboard.
There is an odious wet smell of Fish that lingers about this place.However it is of no concern to Fred,as he is short of ears by two.While unfortunately MayBell, is aware of it in spite of the fact that she is also earless herself.    It is a wonderment I suppose?                                                                                                                                                                                   

"This is a dry run", Fred declared as MayBell pushed home the last metal pin into place. "There that will hold it Fred."_____" Yes to be sure,it will", he happily agreed. And with that the two of them walk off the page and onto another yet to be written of.                                                                      

While oddly I can presently smell Fish,I think the shared simplicity of back to back works well, it saves an awful lot of work,and the little alien pepper pot Fred, along with MayBell have certainly pulled it off with their joint topic. They actually get Fan Mail,and all I get are the things I buy mail.

 I painted these three period piece Romans  a few weeks ago,and the oddest thing was trying to remember how I`d painted the rest of the army up. I had not touched  a brush for figure painting in 9 months due to much illness in 2016.

                                 And so with the last picture now on, I take my leave.
                                 We one and all thank you for reading.  BB


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Phil,one day that Asteroid Toutatis! Might well make the sky fall down upon the Gaul`s,but only in a crazy spaced out sci-fi story of course.
      Thanks for raising the cheer! BB

  2. Your talents are endless BB, your work is outstanding. I wish I had half your talent and knowledge.

    1. Hi Russ,thank you for your kind comments.
      Being unconventional works for me. That of course is not a talent, it is just my eccentric pathway.BB

  3. A Dalek on skis!!! That made me laugh, thanks :-)

    1. Hi Paul,this is was the 4th time the little pepper pot alien had worn ski`s. His first adventure wearing them was "A Sci-Fi Page with Fred __" He is like a child with the favourite Toy,that insists taking it everywhere, but time is up for Fred,who was once a Recon Ace Exterminator Dalek.that is now the UNIT F.R.E.D simple known as Fred. He has turned into quite a complex comic character since I first wrote of him over 5 years ago. His sidekick friend MayBell is not all that meets the eye.I`m very glad you laughed at the look of him on ski`s,because how I present him is far from what is first expected of a Dalek.
      Very nice of you to visit and comment. It is highly prized my friend. BB

  4. Hi Beano!! Great post, very funny! ... and fantastic job on those lovely Legionnaires!! Cheers!

    1. Hello RMacedo, thank you,you are very kind. I`m trying to paint again.I`m Glad you like the fun side of stuff I present. It is all crazy stuff I hide behind here on my Blog. BB