Friday, 24 February 2017

BB`s Scratch Building Day`s

What can possibly be cheaper than paper?
And a little glue,and a cocktail stick?

With the full routine of how to scratch build ships guns ironed out it was time to crank up a gear,and produce 28 X 18 pdr Cannon.  These are designed toy guns made from paper,
pva glue,and cocktail sticks.                                                                                                                                                          
The paper stages are simple to wind onto a small brush handle, and each piece of paper has to be the exact same size and cut to length in order that a good look of uniformity can be achieved along a ships gun deck within a Napoleonic Toy Ship.  Above is my tiny but comfy to work on little table that tucks under and over my chair perfectly!         Making a very stable base with which to work on. It makes for Magic Times, of making stuff practically for nothing.                                                                                                                  

 The sticks need the point cut off.  That was quick and now they are ready to push into the end making it looking quite neat.

The long pointed stick is perfect to stick into a piece of scrap styrene and thus will aid painting when that job begins.

 Dipped into the white glue,and pushed in to the halfway point of the paper preformed block.

                                   28 Cannon for a French Corvette named UNITE.

PVA Glue will dry out and will be very hard making this project much more than mere paper.
It is very tough !

Another cock-tail stick is pushed right through and forms the pivot points of the gun.

I used a pin off our pin board to make the pilot hole,which was widened out further using the point on a pair of scissors.

Left over night so the glue set good and hard,then cocktail sticks were push through and into place.
It took about 8 hours to make 32 X 18 Pounder Canon.
two Bow & two Stern Guns were added to the list. 
Like on a production line in a factory,it is the repetition side
 of doing it that improves the quality and the speed of making things.

Everyone of them was painted and stuck into a piece of styrene sheet.
later the back end stick was cut off and the whole piece was primed again to accept the brass or bronze paint. Although paper,these composite materials combined make for a solid hard cannon.

After the wooden gun mounts are made including each ones wooden wheels then the cannon pivot points can be cut to size,painted and mounted. iron fixing`s will hold each of the pivots in place,these will also be made of paper. HO-RAH!

Well being behind in other stuff that I am doing I knocked up one gun mount with wheels,that certainly looked like it has been salvaged from a long lost ship.

Warships 17th century gun carriage raised from the bottom of the Thames estuary it had been discovered in the wreck of the English Warship,THE LONDON,built by Oliver Cromwells government 1650`s.



  1. Neat idea which i will copy, as soon as the ACW Project Closes...hopefully around the end of march this year (and of course I´ll credit you with the idea ;-) )
    Me Member of Benno´s??? I´ve seen the idea for the Forum Parade (the "E" is missing from the thread titel) but it´s not for me as I´m still considering wether I´ll rejoin that "madhouse". On other Forums, if someone kept crtisising (sorry, giving thier god given advice) every bloody Thing the other members do they would have been given the boot after one, not several, warnings, no matter who they think they are.

    1. ..on a lighter note, the bandsmen make good Salvation army types as well. My idea was for BUF bandsmen for WWWII = Wierd World War II but People pointed out they look more like the Sally army.

    2. Bunny Ears,has quietended down a lot in his directing and self appointed Policing on the Forum.BB

    3. But he´s still being a critic of other peoples styles and presentation with one or two others crawling up his rear end. As I said, on other more controlled Forums he would have been shown the door a Long time back.

    4. Of course you are right Paul. At least you and I remain on friendly terms and we each have our own space on line to present what we like, and more to the point give anyone the Royal boot off who is far to objectionable!
      On a much lighter note I am going to try doing that thin white line up the front of the AIRFIX Guards uniform today.I guess I just like to suffer?
      Take care Paul. BB

  2. Excellent work Paul!


  3. Hi Paul,I did manage to visit your blog and see your painted figures from the AIRFIX Band & Colour Party. BB