Tuesday, 21 March 2017


                                                            Abridged Version

The Solving Puzzle on how to paint the Flags has now been included at the End of the version.

                                              Yes they are finally off their paint tins!

Four coats of enamel paint, and one of gloss varnish has made sure with proper handing that the paint will stay put for many a year to come.

                                           The Brass Section of the Guards Band.

The Grenadier Guards seen on Mass

          Another 15 Drummers are to be added later to the band with two large Base Drummers.

    Realising that I am no painter I rely on large panoramic based figures to please the spectators eye.

                 Another coat of matt varnish on all the figures will complete this project.

Much Better Light The Next Day.

Painting is always a challenge who ever you might be,and that's a warm hearted fact,but is so much fun,and when finished to ones best ability,and in this case one can simply enjoy the colourful sight of them on The Parade Ground.

It was fuzzy trying to paint the Flags,but it soon formulated itself.

The Colours are in the middle. Ornate Union Flag either side.

Painting the Guards Union Flag,I found it easy to paint it white both sides then find the  4 corners
 I applied the yellow around the edges  first then from each corner already identified the thinnest red stripes were painted toward the centre point of the flag. Then the thicker red stripe was painted down from that centre point with a slight angle allowance made.Then the other thicker red stripe was painted on across the flag which forms the red cross of St George. Once all the red was painted on it was easy enough to fill in the gaps with the blue angled stripes leaving them with the thin surrounding white around the edges.  The other side of the flag is easy because all the 4 corners were found so angles and strips and colours were easy to work out in a most correct comprehensive style!

The Regimental Colours of Orange, Yellow  and Gold were likewise easier to paint both sides once the 4 corners of the flag were identified.  The fringe and Battle Honor's were dotted with gold when the paint was still wet.     
   All were very quick to paint up because confusion of angles had been logically worked  out well before painting work was started.                                                           

So hopefully those who have the Standard Bearers,  will find this helpful.

                                  After all It`s Only Magic!   


What on earth are these two pals up to?

All the Guards including the Guards Band have been finished off left a few days to make sure the paint stays upon them. Then checked out under magnifying glass that everything is as it should be. Then Fred and MayBell packaged the parcel up and placed the Fragile Notice carefully upon it. This is going to Bonn in Germany and I`m sort of chuffed that my painting of AIRFIX, Figures and other makes will be on show at ARNHEM in Holland on June 4th 2017,and although I cannot attend due to my health I feel good about taking part In The Big Parade that will be viewed by the general public,and is my modest way of supporting FIGZ,and Benno`s figure Forum. It is a free  Site,with many a member showing their work on there. So come visit,i am there most days. It is usually warm and welcoming  there.

                                                                     What Now?

                                            With the painting pressure for others off,
                                           i can chill out on casual dog walks now with Bella,and Mrs B.

                              This kind of life is another special kind of Magic! 
                              Thank you for viewing,and feel free to comment.BB


  1. I had trouble with the bayonets, because the paint kept cracking and pinging off due to a flexing sort of plastic at the pointed end of the so called rifle, that actually is just a long wedged shaped piece of thin plastic void of any details. BB

  2. So you only painted a few? ;-) Impressive Parade

    1. Yes just a few Paul.
      At my peak 3 years ago I could paint between 25 to 30 Napoleonics in one day. This old set has made it possible to get my painting eye into forward gear once again. 194 in total when finished,and my part showing Toy Soldier History, and although awful figures to paint they were a landmark never to be repeated in AIRFIX small scales again. BB

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you kindly.
      These are my first painted figures in small scales in over two years. So I am pleased with my progress on this landmark set. BB

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Michal,I can now plan more massed Napoleonic Figures. As my hands no longer shake.
      Very kind of you to visit my space and comment. BB

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    2. Hi Phil,thank you kindly,I am relieved that you and others have liked the start of this years painting. Being not able to paint figures broke my heart and it was only the fact that I do tutorials on scratch building and was able to spin many a tall tale too,that kept this little space of mine alive. You Phil along with the other guys who comment now and again have helped me through some rough difficult times. Now I plan to paint more Napoleonic Regiments up and also continue to do all my other quirky stuff too.Thanks Again. BB

  6. Thank you Rodger, for taking interest in these Landmark Figures from a Bygone Age. I am so glad I painted them up. They had sat upon the shelf for many a year the boxes gathering dust. Thanks for calling in I`m in most days. BB

  7. Hi Paul, I tought I had already put a reply on this post, but seems not.
    Maybee it was because your blog was missing a pin, hahahaha

    But WOW what am I impressed about this, a real lust for the eye!
    Can't hardly wait for FIGZ on june 4th!
    I did look the video again, the point where you tell about you cant see another figure made me laugh a lot, 9 weeks work... respect.

    From me as organisator of FIGZ, a big thank you for this huge contribution.

    1. Remco,i look forward to FIGZ at ARNHEM too. Sorry i cannot be there in person,but far worse things have happened to me in life. Painting figures again other than for myself was very enjoyable,and having good friendly banter with you and all the guys taking part was great fun too.That for myself is the real reward for giving. Thank you for commenting here. BB