Tuesday, 18 April 2017


This is my first make do project this year.

I tried to buy more toy tree`s  and had no luck,so using one I already have I`m making some for a diorama scene along my canal that I made last year.  My requirement lots of tree`s.                                                                        

From the left of the picture the cut wire has been bent so each ends meet. The pliers hold four and an old work spoon winds the wire. Next we have one I did earlier and the bottom feet have been bent out like tree roots so the wire trunk can stand up.The black thing is a double sided mould I made of the tree section I wanted.                                                                                                                          

A bottle top and blu tac make the simple open topped mould that will form the bottom platform of my first tree.

However first the two parts of my OYUMARU black mould needs closing up and taping around the edges just keep it together and hopefully without flash around the castings. This is a reusable compound that can be placed in boiling water then use to mould something else. It comes in several colours and is available on E Bay.

                                            I used Plaster of Paris casting powder.

I have already dealt with mould making on this blog,so will not be dealing with that again.

Above the mould has been cast up and the mould has been bumped up and down a few times on my work table to get rid of any air bubbles, then the twisted wire trunk has been pushed into the plaster and two Lego Bricks act as spacers so there is a gap formed between the top of the tiny tree and the bottom platform.

Rather white at present time, and a little trimming needs doing to the castings later. These will be dipped and dry brushed.

Well I managed to make a few for formal gardens. These will be spaced out in uneven numbers. 7`s,5`s,3`s  and will suite the formal style I want to create around and in between my tiny houses.
Work is still ongoing on the base and trunk,but nothing to elaborate  because it is the panoramic view that is important and not the look of one individual tree. Other tree`s are underway and hope to show them soon.

I added some sunshade to take away the whiteness  to these little trees. They stand 6 cm X 3 cm,which is just right for HO OO Scale formal gardens.

They remind me of our Yew Tree in the garden and the Buxus Genus Tree,that is pronounced Box.
The Rainbow over Fiddle Wood, a place where dreams can become a reality!

               Just like in a real garden odd numbers look much better than even numbered ones.

Shown as an illustration Mr Triggles Cottage , and these are the 2006 Gullane Retired Tree`s from the Toy Collection that I have. Hard to come by I made my own for my own use as shown above in this casting up method.



  1. Nice and helpfull tutorial! Beautifull little trees:)

    1. Thank you B M,for commenting ,the little tree`s are drying out nicely before I dip them in colour wash.
      I have lots of crazy stuff underway and the results are looking good and should be very funny to show later. Greetings from Fiddle Wood. BB