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It was way back in January of this year that FRED, plotted out the three pointed sparkling stars,and joined  them up creating his polygon, and with the aid of MAYBELL, they produced the first Pattern. Others were quick to follow,and this triangle pattern was selected to be the first to be moulded in floppy silicone.

No it is not the TET,from OBLIVION it is the first for The ASTERIX VILLAGE, and will hopefully produce many helpful castings.
A roof with chimney based upon the Comic style of the Gaul Village is yet to follow.

The polystyrene Pattern broke getting it out of the mould, but with its job  done it was expendable!
So the mould is a success and after a good wash in soapy water it will be ready to cast up later tonight.             With the little piece of rubber I had over I pressed my smaller pattern into it so that there was no wast.                                                                                                                                   

This space between the top window and the edge will need a twisted wire support pushed into the casting up mix.

                       The windows and doorway looks very neat.       
                                                                     This is the first one cast up.                                                                

Mixing Sillicone by hand does lead to dirty nails,but that is to be expected. It does however show up on photographs. So please excuse,as I have added shadow which does certainly show the grey rubber under my thumb nail even more.      

     After trimming the windows and top doorway out this will be set aside to dry. Over the next week I should have all the  castings I need.
I will show the other moulds and castings in the next few days.

                                                                THE FIRST UPDATE

                                                 Today more work is underway. 

                                          A little cooking oil works wonders.

                                                blu tac, holds the triangle in place.

Served up grey worms on a bed of starch.
"Is there any brown sauce Mrs B ? "

                 It  creates Magic ______________________ at half the cost.

                                  " O`, Boy I Just Love This Hobby! "

                            All are my original Patterns,Moulds and Castings.

                                            Another Update  Soon             BB


Four Patterns having been made were duly cast up in Plaster of Paris, a wonderful mixture Master Masons still use today.  Below are some of the results.

                                                                A Full Door

A white Pattern this time. Any colour silicone will do for mould making on the cheap. Why spend Thirty Pounds making a Pattern when £3.50  is all that is required?

A Half Door,as seen on many pictures within the Asterix Comics.  Like stable two part doors I guess?

Many of the comic buildings have larger type stone in their makeup, so the concept is to create the same contrasts within my work.

Each Pattern scribed out with differing design to the stone work and wooden beams. Each window on each Rubber Pattern was cut around at an angle with the old trusty craft knife with a new blade installed.This was to aid quick realise and to avoid damage to the castings. By doing this no wire reinforcement was not needed. Indeed MAGIC!
This extra flash plaster was simply trimmed off the castings while still fresh released and damp from the mould using just my old craft knife.

Above smaller press in patterns can be pushed into the top of each mould when full. This of course is the under side of the Silicone Mould. So nothing ventured and thought out,nothing extra gained at no extra cost.                                                                                                                                               


Two More Patterns Scribed Stuck Down and Under Way

It took two hours to produce each Pattern,and which four hours in total is say half a working day for most workers,but the penning out and then scribing and sticking on beams cannot be rushed as if one were a small child heavy handed with a wax crayon!  Relaxing and enjoying is the name of this playful art work,and what one scribes and cuts out is what one gets out of each mould in the way of lots of quick cast objects that took say only five minutes to produce.   So four hours work pales into insignificance!  Does it not?                                                                                                                 

They are ready to cut out from the bottom board, which they have been stuck to,and now at this stage the windows and doorways can easily be cut around the edges and popped out. This polystyrene sheet is the cheapest way that I know of making many a Pattern used in the process of repetitive casting up. One only needs a pen to scribe such things out. I only need three castings of each Pattern for the simplified Asterix Village,but could now with all the moulds made produce hundreds if I wanted to sell them,but gaining more money to pay more taxes to Caesar is never my aim,but to show simple paithways into scratch building for those interested in this hobby is.

Things take time and a few days work on view above with the Asterix figures can give a little glimmer of insight into this planned out work.
Another Update Soon BB    


I have thought about the footings the building will sit on, and to cut cost even further I decided upon a bold plan of action that will suit this place of fantasy! Universal paithways, that will also be used for footings too. The fronts of each building will be silicone into place come time for construction.

                                          The pathway above splits apart into six pieces.

O`,Dear Me! The Asterix Romans seem to be flouting downstream on some invisible stream!

Designed to mould just one piece of paithway in little LEGO boxes below.          

Tiny Boxes


                                                                             Tiny Things

This is a smaller house for the Gaul Village, and knowing that I would have some silicone over after filling this one up.I prepared the three little boxes and oiled all the Patterns with brushed on cooking oil.    This saved waste and the tiny boxes were soon rammed up as well as the Apex box of larger degrees.                                                                                                                                     

It is only thumb and fingered onto each Pattern. No pounding required,and  indeed no skill either. It really is preparation first,then mixing then filling. It cost £3.00 on this mix. 

                                            LEGO BRICKS is the best ever for moulding boxes.

       is shown above far above.

Thanks for taking time out to have a look see at the work.


I cut the silicon at an angle all around each window half way,and this will make it easier to remove the castings from this mould.                                                                                                              

Showing one Pattern above and Two moulds cast up with Plaster of Paris. The castings of the front ends were removed from the mould after 20 minutes. There are those on E Bay,that say," You have to leave the moulds for 24 hours if you use Plaster of Paris." Which as you see is certainly not the case.

                                         The windows were trimmed easily using a craft knife!

                                                           Part Of The Pathway Puzzle

60 Pence will more than cover the cost of these six castings.

They will dry out to a perfect white and will be very light weight!

So another three off each mould will do nicely and will fit my needs,as I do not require hundreds.
Making Chimney`s Next.

Toying with the idea of a flickering light in the fireplace for extra effect after dark.

Another Update Soon. BB


 The last two moulds hope onto the work table and all the castings from them will be cast this weekend. The figures shown set the scale.

Removing the crude but effective cheap pattern, and having served its purpose into the bin it goes.

The last Apex Mould for the Asterix Village will be filled tonight. There will be stuff left over and that will fill the first Corinthian mould on the left,for I waste very little in my hobby.

Thanx 4 Looking.  BB 


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Michal, thanks for looking in on the new season of scratch building. This type of work is quite experimental in shape and design,and I never realy know if both Pattern and Mould will be successful until I pull things apart. Thanks for commenting. BB

  2. You´ve just given me an idea

    1. Ideas are good Paul,and do feel free to let me know if it is successful or not. Thanks for looking in on my quirky space my friend. BB

    2. I´ve thought about it (the idea) for a couple of years now. It would mean taking on another Project, similar to what my main bod related interest is but on an entirely different scale.

    3. Well Paul,the sky`s the limit for having fun with this stuff. Some of the Asterix figures are 38mm in height so my buildings are aimed to suit that larger scale.Very good of you to visit my space. BB

  3. Cool work Paul, but don't go to fast....
    There is someone out there who has to build his village as well, Hahaha
    But serious, looking great, love the idea with the mould.
    Go for it my friend!!!

    1. Thank you Remco,I never go fast,but sometimes things might seem that way to others. I am considering options at present on how to make the roofs look the important facter here in Gaul.
      Will they be covered in real thatch,and wood or resin castings? BB

    2. I'm sure knowing you, the roofs will be awesome!
      And since you are 10 x faster than I am, with this village,
      I just look at what you are all doing so that I get more inspiration !

    3. Hi Remco,I am thinking of options of having wait for it_______interchangeable comic style thatch roofs!
      With Claris Cliff style stone work chimney`s.
      Many Thanks for your visit and comment,
      it certainly brightens my day. BB

  4. Top notch BB, you certainly know how to inspire and get the old grey cells working!

    1. Hi Russ,along with the filling the main mould there`s always stuff left over,so I am pressing crazy stuff into it rather than waste it.
      Thanks for your visit,and comment. It means that there is life out there. BB