Thursday, 13 April 2017

Massed French Columns & Cavalry presented by BB

Using the large table I unpacked my boxes of toy Napoleonic soldiers. It must be mentioned that I am just an average painter, and up close viewing of my infantry would confirm that. So I place large columns of troops to achieve the Panoramic View, like those Epic Movies of old. The pictures are raw and to the point and show a tiny part of Waterloo and that awesome battle. They are sample set ups and at that time of camera shootings, each was move aside and other Battalions took their places. What is to be viewed is the French Grande Battery of Guns firing, and then after the infantry filtered through that Gun Line, they quickly reformed and advanced  toward La Haye Sainte, and towards the sandpit and Wellingtons British and Allied Army. There were three massive columns and some accounts confirm  about 17,000 Infantry and Cavalry support. The Farmhouse was engulfed in a sea of fire.
 I am not a Wargamer,but welcome seeing toy figures,and reading some battle reports on Line.

                                                                        JUNE  1815  

All the cavalry seen are conversions.
Above a French Line Lancer.


 The French Gunners have been firing solid iron shot, exploding round shot,all laced up neat and nicely with rusty horse shoe nails  by the half bucket, it being poured in after loading. They have given La Hay Sainte,a good pasting,along with a Belgium regiment standing on the higher ridge in plain sight for well over an hour.

There were 84 Guns in The Grande Battery on that wet muddy day.

  Some of my old tree`s donkey years old came out of storage. They are a bit battered but they are old friends.  The Gunners above all conversions.

French Line Lancers and  Cuirassiers are supporting the advancing French Infantry. So there`s lots of Guns & Bayonets moving up.

The Dove Cote over the Main Gate.

The German troops actually destroyed the roof in order to set their sights on the enemy marching past. My scratch-built Farm Complex has all the windows and doors and gates,but I squeezed the structure in order to save space,but feel it worked out really well. Made 14 years ago of cardboard from boxes and with the roof being plastic drinking straws. One has to start some how,and some where in this hobby.

I do have enough guns and crew painted to make up the Grande Battery,and when I set it out it was a  line of 84 Guns 10 foot long. No Picture though.


The British Heavy Cavalry would break up this advance, but suffered greatly while attacking the French artillery, both by Gun fire, and the Napoleons regiment of Red Lancers which are viewed in the picture above.
Other staged events. 

British Lt Infantry Cold Stream Guards are standing their ground, against the Red Lancers Middle Guard Lt Cavalry. Allied Belgian Cavalry come to give aid to the Brits,but  most fall  by the Lance  thrust and a few from friendly fire. Confusion rained on this battle field and in my mindful play.

I painted those Red Lancers up over 15 years ago.

Converted Italeri,Officers mix it with French Cuirassiers

" That`s not sporting of them,they are in armour! "

Hougoumont was under constant attack as more infantry tried hard to take this place. All the French Infantry are HAT Industries conversions.

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  1. Most impressive post BB, the destroyed roof is a very nice idea...

    1. Thanks Phil,this was a toy complex of buildings I made many years ago, and the barn roof with that hole has match sticks placed just give it that extra detail look. BB

  2. Really cool BB, and very impressive army! I particularly like your line lancers.

    1. Thank you it takes a while to paint,but once finished I just enjoy them. BB

  3. Very impressive job. Fantastic army !

    1. Thank you Stefan,i hope to paint some more British and Germans for Hougoumont and La Haye Sante this year.It is finding the time though. BB