Tuesday, 11 April 2017

MY WORK MY HOBBY Presented by BB

It would be a hard fought out fight and as more and more French were thrown into the fight around this place formally named Goumont, the wood afforded them ample cover from which to range shot upon the defenders,but the cabbage patch stretching along the entire length of the wall was wide open ground affording one no cover at all.                                                                                                                                                      


Although not the correct firing steps as used upon that day, match-sticks look more pleasing to the eye.  I had always been fascinated with the woodland  in front of what Lord Wellington referred to as Hougoumont,and for us Brits this miss-quote has stuck to this very day. Over the years making tree`s with the purpose  of seeing the sight of them captured in photographs was a goal that drove me onwards, but it also entailed making stretches of wall too. Slowly things started to slip into place,but of course the main massive works was making the complex of buildings that would represent Hougoumont. It took years and only working from pictures in books borrowed from the City Library in Norwich. There was no Internet in those days, and so using a magnifying glass to determine what needed making was my only option.

                                                           SOLDIERS AND BUILDINGS

                                                                             The Back Gate


I love scratch building and have taught many on the Internet in topics, that yes of course takes time, but cost Pennies rather than Pounds. Here I am raising the stone work on a small medieval storage building.Small houses can be seen in the background

Often I would chill out and relax having a break from project Hougoumont. and build houses for Honey Well my mythical Township,of which as it sprawled out it took an entire room to accommodate it and its railway layout. A something I like to work on too,now and again. It is so much fun that I wish never to reach its end. Above the long lines of Terraced  Houses stretch out along my table all made of paper card. With the walls having been raised by see through resin to form each brick,and the roofs scribed out with an old Parker Pen,and the chimney with pots of paper ,the painting was about time to begin.

The end result of some of my own design work paid off,and as I also collect diecast toys what better place to present them,and much better write story`s of those that live there,in many a period in time.

Fantasy & Sci-Fi sets feature greatly in this tiny make believe place too

                                                          A RADIOACTIVE PARTY

Here a shinny screw driver stands in for a dropped bomb.

        As evening closes in, Force Fields protect these Alien Pepper Pots,but from what?

                                               ABOVE HONEY WELL IS DESTROYED



However painting Napoleonic toy figures draws me back and gradually regimental coloured units make their forlorn hope charge upon one table

The Thin Red Line,and the Massive Battalions

Rise up me lads,your time has come.

                            OUT FLANKED THE FRENCH ARE DUE A PASTING

Reserves Defending The Gateway

The cavalry Screen masks the placing of Guns and the oblige  movement of French Infantry entering the wood.

Defending one third of the entire wall firing through holes

                                           LA HAYE SAINTE UNDER ATTACK

                                    No Green Uniformed German Troops Painted AS Yet.

                                                    Above most seen are Conversions

                                   After Years Of Painting I Began  To Show Them.

                                                 THE DOVE COTE AND WELL

                                                                        THE CHAPLE

                                                THE TROOPS ARE POURING IN

                                           LOOKING DOWN ON MY VERSION OF HOUGOUMONT

                                                                 THE BACK GATE

                                            The French Are Filtering Out Of The Wood

                                                            THE POST MILL



                                         An Old Photograph of 660  French Cavalry.

                                                                 1806 Prussians

                                                                   GUNS MOVING UP


It is all in the game plan of Paint & Play!
A wonderful hobby of compulsive  behaviour for a growing Beano Boy.


  1. BB every time I see your work I become more and more impressed! The sheer amount of work that's gone into your collection is mind blowing! Thanks for sharing BB 😀

    1. There are well over 21,000 photographs in muddled up files and some have never been seen,i try to present the best as I find them because I cannot remember clearly what is upon them until I alone open them up. There is often a flood of memories as I sift through them. Many far to dark to show years ago I kept and these are now being restored to light on my present PC,i am so glad I kept those pictures for they are revealing work undertaken and long forgotten even by me.My work was once for myself alone a pastime hobby never intended for public display but with the advent of learning new skills on PC`s, it gave me an opportunity of having a lucky dip bag of odd stuff,along with rediscovered story lines made up for amusing beano boy fun. Using camera`s over my entire adult life I soon realised often nothing is entirely how it appears to be. A beautiful tree in flower growing in a scrapyard would be snapped but not the thick placed piles of rusting scrapped cars.

      Thanks Russ,it is nice of you to comment. BB

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Douglas,you are most kind. I believe I got your name wrong before,so sorry for that. Always feel free to comment here as it proves there is life beyond the click of my key board! Greetings BB