Sunday, 2 April 2017

Rumpty Tum Tum Tum, The Drummers Fall in First presented by BB

Having taken time out from my own work since Feb of this year I now turn attention to my own painting of my AIRFIX GUARDS BAND & GUARDS COLOUR PARTY. It is a few boxes of figures that every time I viewed them they showed every moulding machine blow hole and moulding lines and flash and defect,and back in the box they would go.However after painting a few for FIGZ at ARNHEM,I decided to paint the rest of them in my Collection.                                                     


These Drummers had to have each drum fixed in place using green stuff to fill the large hole in each figure, then the drums were fixed tight with dress makers pins with a little super glue placed on each of the pins. Each tiny drum was fixed in place easily,but I lowered each about 2mm lower than they would be normally fixed. This improved the look of the pose,because they were way too high for any drummer to look capable of playing on them. Now the pose is one of a more relaxed toy soldier,and I am pleased with them all now knowing those tiny drums will stay fixed in place and not roll out and away ever again. The drums can be painted much easier now as well. There will be 85 in this Guards Band. and 300 + Guardsmen marching.
They will eventually be placed marching through Honey Well on my HO OO Scale ongoing railway layout.May I never finish adding to it,and as that is my sentiment I can now promise more easy step by step scratch building projects this year. A few Old English Pubs on the high street  would be great to build from paper card.

For now it is painting time and hopefully soon I`ll see you guys again. BB


  1. Hahaha, so you can't stop painting these fantastic guys...
    Well have fun painting my friend, and use ear plugs with all those drums!

    1. Remco,my friend I oftem wear ear plugs that ring out in pleasant song. My painting is not to active now because life is far to short to do other splendid things. BB

      Greetings from Fiddle Wood,a place where dreams often can come true. BB

  2. I'm waiting to see them "marching on" painted!!
    Nice repair job you done here..

    1. They will be shown in display when I run out of patients painting AIRFIX Figures,a pastime leading to more frustrated madness. Greetings from Fiddle Wood, a place now in its pleasing turn of beautiful green. BB