Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Other Little Garden`s Revealed


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    1. Very nice to hear from you Paul,Mrs B,asked me to take a few pictures of her yellow tree that struggled to grow for many years then suddenly after building the deck column near it it exploded upwards and has been flowering every year for 11 years. Well one thing led to another and i promised 2 years ago that i would show this garden. It is a thing of enjoyment and a certain pride,but not vanity because I am no brick layer and there is not a perfect angle in anything it is the artisans garden requiring hard work yes but very little skill.

      ( Vanity is a fools game to play and that Mad Hatter from the Hat Forum that was_____the Pijama Man! His attitude has ment most of my friends have left his Kakistocracy stomping forum!
      I seem to be the last stationed there at the ALAMO. )

      Anyway thank you Paul for your viewing our part of England,and taking time out to read this.BB

  2. Lovely garden, a shame of the noice from the road behind it.
    I am sure ms.B could be found in this garden a lot!

    1. When the pond pump is on it drowns out some of the noise.BB

    2. That always sounds nice, but makes me go to the little room a lot, hahaha

    3. It is an age thing that keeps one running to that little flushing room. BB